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Oceania Pro League 2nd Split 2017 SMITE Betting Predictions

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SMITE Masters has finally come to a conclusion, where Obey Alliance captured the grand prize of  at the expense of Team Dignitas in an epic best of five series. It was one of the most intense match-ups that we’ve ever seen this year. The tournament was a major success following the 6-week S4 Spring Split where 8 crews from NA and 8 rosters from Europe battling out each other in their respective divisions.

Then here comes the Intel Extreme Masters Sydney 2017 tournament. It features the top 4 teams in Sydney who will compete against each other with a total prize pool of 10,000 Australian dollars. The four squads that will participate in the Intel Extreme Masters Sydney 2017 are the LG Dire Wolves, Avant Garde, Dark Sided and the Legacy Esports. Just yesterday it was concluded that the LG Dire Wolves won the entire tournament at the expense of Legacy Esports.

However, they’re not done yet. They’re going to meet with each other again in the Oceania Pro League Split 2017 starting today. After that successful event, LG Dire Wolves are looking to continue their momentum against 5 other Oceania teams (Legacy Esports, Dark Sided, Avant Garde, Kangas Esports and Team Noxide) in this 5-week tourney.

For SMITE players, they receive bonus 40 fantasy points (FP) for every correct vote they have in each game by logging in their client and picking their teams in the S4 Ticket tab of the game. However, they need to purchase the Summer Split 2017 Ticket at 400 gems to become eligible in voting for their favorite crews in each match and win fantasy points. Not only that, SMITE players who purchased the Summer Split 2017 Ticket will have their fantasy points doubled every match from 10 FP to 20 FP per victory, and from 5 FP to 10 FP per defeat.

Without further ado, here are the upcoming schedules of the Oceania ProLeague 2nd Split 2017 and my SMITE betting predictions!

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Week 1 OPL 2nd Split 2017

 dire wolves team smite vs avant garde team smite 

May 8, 2017

LG Dire Wolves has been dominant in the entire Oceania division. However, Avant Garde cannot be underestimated. Given that Wolves are dominant here, I would strongly bet on this team. I am confident that this squad is the best in the competition, and Avant Garde may find it hard to figure them out.

 legacy esports team smite vs dark sided team smite 

May 8, 2017

Their last meeting in the first split was a draw (1-1). However, I know that both Legacy and Dark Sided are going to review their last gameplay to figure how to win and may not end up in a draw again. My prediction for this upcoming match would be a tie once again just like last time.

 noxide team smite vs kanga esports team smite 

May 9, 2017

During the last tournament, both of them ended up in a draw decision. Two of them are at the bottom of the standings in the Oceania Division. Just like the previous match, my betting tip would be a tie once again.

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Week 2 OPL  2nd Split 2017

 dark sided team smite vs dire wolves team smite 

May 13, 2017

There is no doubt that I would place my bet on the Wolves here. Given that they have beaten every team last tournament including the Dark Sided, they would easily go away with a win on this one. DS is a crew where their late game strategies are improving which makes them a tough roster to beat. Even the mighty LG Dire Wolves and Legacy Esports are finding it hard to beat them in the tournament.

 kanga esports team smite vs avant garde team smite 

May 13, 2017

The lone win of Kanga Esports in the last tournament was at the expense of Avant Garde. Kanga can do it again when they face each other. AG may be off to a slow start against the mighty LG Dire Wolves, but they need to find a way to bounce back. For me, I think I’ll be betting on KE in this game alone.

 noxide team smite vs legacy esports team smite 

May 13, 2017

Team Noxide may be looking for their first victory after ended up winless last tournament, but they should get past through second placer Legacy Esports. For this matchup, it’s easy to say that LE has the upper hand. Without a doubt, I’ll bet on them over TN.

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Week 3 OPL 2nd Split 2017

 dire wolves team smite vs kanga esports team smite 

May 20, 2017

Just like before, LG DW will dominate once again. They have dominated against Kanga Esports last competition, and there’s no doubt that they’re going to pull this one off easily. Pretty sure that KE are finding ways to win, but the mighty Wolves are almost unpredictable in their strategies and late game situations. No doubt that the LG guys will win, so I’ll bet on this.

 noxide team smite vs avant garde team smite 

May 20, 2017

Last tourney Avant Garde won over Team Noxide 2-0. It looks like they’re going to do it once again in this current competition. Even that TN is not an easy squad to beat, Avant Garde is a crew that is doing their homework by reviewing their previous matches to adjust themselves, especially against Team Noxide. As of this moment, I would place my bet to AG over TN.

 avant garde team smite vs legacy esports team smite 

May 20, 2017

In this entire tournament, Avant Garde will be having back-to-back games on the same day. After their scheduled match against cellar dweller TN, they will square off against second placed Legacy Esports. In their last meeting at the first split, LE took down their opponents easily at 2-0. Although I consider AG as a strong and dangerous team, Legacy Esports is much more than that in this matchup. Therefore, I would place my bet on LE to win here.

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Week 4 OPL 2nd Split 2017

 noxide team smite vs dire wolves team smite

May 27, 2017

It’s the battle between the best and the worst in the Oceania division. Although I respect Team Noxide for their effort and willingness to win, but I feel that they can’t get past the mighty LG DW. As a result, my bet for this game is truly on the LG Dire Wolves.

 avant garde team smite vs dark sided team smite 

May 27, 2017

Last tourney, Dark Sided defeated Avant Garde 2-0. I’m sure that AG is learning from their mistakes and may spend time reviewing their previous encounter. I’m also sure that DS is not taking them lightly, so they need some adjustments to their strategies as well. Since both of them are in the middle of the standings, I think my prediction for this game would be a tie decision this time.

 legacy esports team smite vs kanga esports team smite 

May 27, 2017

To be honest, Kanga Esports is a strong team. They’re one of those squads who have the desire and willingness to win games. But due to their current standing, it is quite difficult for them to get past top teams, especially when they face second-seeded crew Legacy Esports. In this matchup alone, my SMITE betting prediction would be a win for LE.

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Week 5 OPL 2nd Split 2017

 noxide team smite vs avant garde team smite 

June 3, 2017

Last tourney, Avant Garde pulled off an easy victory over Team Noxide at 2-0. For this tournament, it’s easy for me to decide who is going to win in this game alone. Sorry TN, but I have to bet on AG to win this match.

 kanga esports team smite vs dark sided team smite 

June 3, 2017

In their last meeting during the first split, it was a draw decision between the Kanga Esports and Dark Sided (1-1). DS has the upper hand when it comes to their seed placement, but they cannot underestimate KE. For this matchup, I would predict that this game would be a tie once again.

 legacy esports team smite vs dire wolves team smite

June 3, 2017

For most HiRez Twitch viewers, this matchup is going to be the most awaited of all in the Oceania Pro League. Both of these squads faced each other in the Intel Extreme Masters Sydney 2017 SMITE Finals, where the LG Dire Wolves won over Legacy Esports. On the 5th week of Oceania Pro League 2nd Split 2017, two of the best crews are going at each other again with intense competition. Even if LE is a big threat to the mighty Wolves, my betting prediction is very clear. I still feel that LG guys would win this epic match over LE.

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My seeding predictions for the Oceania Pro League tournament? Here are they!

#6 – Team Noxide noxide team smite

According to the standings, TN is the cellar-dweller of the entire Oceania division (0 wins, 5 losses, 5 draws resulting to 5 points) after the Oceania Pro League Split One 2017 tournament. They will be the least favorite to win the current contest and most players are not going to bet on this squad.

For sure, they’re going to end up dead last after this competition

#5 – Kanga Esports kanga esports team smite

This team, however, cannot be underestimated in this tourney. Even that KE are the second worst roster in the Oceania division (1 win, 4 losses, 5 draws resulting to 7 points), they’re not an easy crew to beat. Their lone win in the Oceania Pro League 1st Split was against Avant Garde, where they win 2-0 against them.

After this tournament, my prediction for Kangas Esports will still be the same at 5th place.

#4 – Avant Garde avant garde team smite

Another Oceania team that is fun to watch are no other than AG. As of today, their current standing is at 4th place with 2 wins, 2 losses and 6 draws resulting to 8 points after the first Oceania Pro League 2017 Split. They’re one of the 4 top teams in the Oceania Pro League who participated in the Intel Extreme Masters Sydney 2017. AG cannot be taken lightly.

My prediction is that after this exciting split Avant Garde will remain at the 4th spot.

#3 – Dark Sided dark sided team smite

DS is currently sitting at the 3rd place behind Legacy Esports at 3 wins, 4 losses and 2 draws resulting to 13 points. Dark Sided was participating in the Intel Extreme Masters Sydney 2017, and they’re giving one hell of a fight until the end of the tourney. In today’s event, DS is given another chance to prove to the entire division that they can compete against the mighty ones like LG DW and Legacy Esports.

However, I predict that Dark Sided isn’t going anywhere. It may not move up or down in the team standings, as they’re going to remain at the third spot after this exciting tourney.

#2 – Legacy Esports legacy esports team smite

This team came up short against LG Dire Wolves in the Intel Extreme Masters Sydney 2017. However, they’ve put up a good fight against them until ended up at second place. I’m pretty sure that LE will have a second chance to beat Wolves on June 3rd of 2017. They’re currently holding a 5 win, 3 loss and 2 draw record resulting to 18 points.

There’s no way they could get past LG guys after this tournament, so I predict that they’re going to remain at the second spot.

#1 – LG Dire Wolves dire wolves team smite

In the current standings, LG Dire Wolves (10 wins, 0 losses, 0 draws resulting to 30 points) has yet to taste a defeat. Following their championship victory at the Intel Extreme Masters Sydney 2017, it is expected that they’re going to be the favorites to win the Oceanic Pro League Split 2017. It’s like you’re going to put your bet mostly on this team.

There is no doubt that the LG Dire Wolves will finish the entire League as the number one squad in the Oceania division.

Thank you for reading this article. It will be a fun tourney to all SMITE fans around the world. I hope you will be entertained with my betting predictions for this competition and may earn you some freaking cash.

Be sure to watch the entire tourney on Hi-Rez Studios’ Twitch channel. Good luck!

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