is betspawn com legit?
Real Money Sportsbooks Review – Dedicated Esports Betting Platform

esports betting best is an eSports betting platform. It looks like the run of the mill eSports bookie which is a good thing because the design is very simple and very newbie friendly. You will never get confused whenever choosing matches to bet or whichever game you want to bet on as they are labeled properly. They also use static images as team logos which means it takes off the load for slower internet connections, thus making it load faster.

is betspawn com legit?Betspawn is a newer company that is based out of Sweden. They only started just a little over a year ago but so far they have been successful. There are not a lot of companies that start out and still retain their reputation intact for over a year of service but this is one of them. This is mostly due to their policy of quality. The management is great and customer support staff is top notch. I will cover more later regarding the support in detail.

I did more digging on Google and all I can see is that Betspawn does not have any scam accusations. The main points I was looking for was people with betting experience with the biggest eSports matches like Dota 2 and CS:GO. So far, all I saw was that they might have some delays sometimes if it is a high profile match.

I mean everybody else would have the same delays with volume bets like these, but what really stands out is how they deal with the delays. Betspawn assures their bettors regarding the issue and gets to work on it to fix it right away. They do not waste time and resolve the issues very quickly. That makes for happy gamblers and it keeps them coming back again and again.

esports betting options dota2 csgo vainglory king of glory wotAs I said, they are a dedicated eSports match bookie. Most of the betting options are also run of the mill and are similar with all other bookies. What sets them apart is the inclusion of some other niche games like Heroes of Newerth, VainGlory, Crossfire, Halo, Street Fighter V and Gears of War. Most of these games I mentioned have been removed from other bigger bookies but Betspawn still keeps them since these games still have a competitive scene. By doing so, they are keeping a larger share of the market and offer these games for people who would look for them.

Another feature, or should I say lack of it is the chatbox or more commonly known as the Trollbox. This is a good thing as most of the times, chatboxes would sway your decisions on which to bet because of people hyping them. This is a double edged sword however as having a chatbox sometimes do help if you have not done your research on the matches you want to bet on.

betspawn com oddsThe match odds are like any other betting site there is. They follow the same format for this particular thing. The more known team or more established team will always have fewer odds than the one that is not well known. They do offer match handicaps here, however, something that is more commonly found in football.

If you want to win more, however, they offer multi bets here, or more commonly known as parlay for football aficionados. This will significantly boost up your profit if you manage to win your multi bet as the odds here add up for a nice bonus at the end.

betspawn com bonuses promocodes free moneyThey do offer bonuses and promotions. The most prominent one is the double your deposit signup bonus. This will double your initial deposit for up to €133.70. I like how they did the wordplay on 1337. Aside from that, once you have signed in, they do send you code vouchers in your email for free bets and other promotional stuff.

betspawn co how to depositThese guys emphasize on just a few deposit methods but these are the most reliable ones for depositing. They accept major credit cards like Visa and Mastercard. They also accept big money wallets like Neteller and Skrill. The best thing about this is that they will not charge you any fees on top of what your banking institution charges.

The minimum deposit for this place is €10.00. However, if you just started out with them, take advantage of their sign up bonus as it will significantly increase your bankroll by also depositing a large amount.

lol wot street fighter starcraft betting siteThis is the only place that they are a little bit lacking. Do not be alarmed with me saying lacking though. They will help you out 100%. The only thing I find lacking about this, however, is the hours of operation of their live chat. If you manage to talk to a person in live chat, then you will get help right there and then.

However, if you miss your window, they do take up to 48 hours for tickets to get resolved. If you do not mind waiting, then this is fine for you. If you are in a bind or in a rush, then I suggest you wait for the live chat to go back online and get help. If it were 24/7 then their customer service would get a 10/10 from me.

lol dota2 rocket league call of duty cs go betsThis is by far one of the most mobile friendly sites that I have gone to. Their use of static images works great on mobile devices. The sleek design that they have for the web version directly translates on the mobile site. It loads lightning quick and also features very big blocks of information regarding the teams that you will be betting on. They even included the major eSports games that people commonly bet in as a tab selector, complete with images. It has a nice touch to it and it looks very professional.

betspawen pros consOverall, I am very happy with this gambling site. This is a must go platform for me. The team handles it really professionally, from the management up to the customer service and even on the design team. They also have an abundance of games to play in, thus there will always be something for everyone.

    Sleek design on web version
•    Excellently designed mobile page for devices.
•    Very good odds on offer
•    Offers multi bet or parlay, which is uncommon for an eSports bookie.
•    Excellent customer service team when handling issues and resolutions.
•    No fee deposits and withdrawals
•    Offers a wide variety of eSports matches, even niche ones.
•    No chatbox, which is also a good thing and a bad thing, depending on how you look at it.
    Live chat is restricted to only 8 hours a day.
•    No bitcoin deposits or withdrawals.

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