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Hello everyone, today we will be reviewing, a very popular online Bitcoin sportsbook. We will be checking their eSports section and will go over all the vital aspects of the site. We will finish with a pro and con recap at the end. So without further delay, let’s get started!

Bitcoin Esports Betting

First off, let’s talk about how the site is designed. It has a very basic orange and white theme, which gets the job done and has a nice simplicity to it. The tabs are all clearly displayed in big buttons, so the platform is relatively easy to navigate. The one feature they lack is to choose your theme, so you are going to have to use their decent looking orange and white theme. If looks do not matter too much to you, you don’t have to worry about accessibility, but the design looks very basic and could use a little work.

1xbit btc bets

By now you are probably wondering about how reputed the site is, and whether or not they will run with your money. You will be happy to know that 1xbit is relatively reputed and gets a fair amount of traffic daily. They have been processing payouts for a long time with few legitimate complaints and considering how much profit they make every day, they have no reason to run with your money. On a scale of one to ten, I would rate these guys a seven, which is a good but not great rating. They simply have not been popular enough to be considered a sure fire reputable service.

1xbit betting options btc

Now that we have considered reputation and design, let’s talk about their eSports section itself. It is a very impressive add on to the platform with odds on most of the games up at the time of the review. They even had odds available for tier five matches between no name teams! This leads me to believe that 1xbit usually has a great selection of games to bet on and that they rarely miss any big games. If you deposit onto this website, you can feel secure in the knowledge that they most probably have the games you want to bet on.

1xvit odds house edge

Having all the games and matches to wager on is all good and fine, but the house edge is important too! You don’t want to place your hard earned money on a match only to find that most of your winnings have been taken by a greedy sportsbook. Unfortunately, 1xbit takes an above average house edge, and you will probably end up losing a good fifteen percent of your expected winnings to the house. Considering that other bookies take about eight to twelve percent, this is atrocious. This is a major flaw and con with this service.

esports gambling btc

Bonuses and promotions are often what separate a good Bitcoin sportsbook from a great one. Nothing is better than getting free money or house credit for doing what you are already going to do. Some bonuses can also lead you to try games outside your comfort zone which you may end up actually liking!

Fortunately, 1xbit is one of these platforms that offer great bonuses. In fact, they offer a really good one! I searched through the site and found an excellent deposit offer. This is very good and a huge pro. I love promotions and this bookie simply offers a great one! When competing in an overcrowded online BTC gambling market, 1X almost has to have promos to stand a fighting chance for your attention, and their great deposit bonus is a great step in the right direction.

1xbit support

Customer support, something that we all will need at one point or another when we are using a gambling service. Whether it be a slowly graded bet, or an incorrectly graded match, you will end up having trouble. I have contacted the support on many different issues about slow deposits and withdraws, slow grades, and various other problems. Nothing is more frustrating than when the support is unresponsive.

1xbit takes a major hit here as well. They only have two support options, which are a live chat and email. Now usually I am a huge advocate for live chats and absolutely love them. However, to my dismay, their agents only speak russian! There are no options for an english live chat! So you are stuck with email, which can take a long time to get a response with. This is another area where these guys must improve, and is terrible at right now.

1xbit support

1xbit deposits btc

There is only one way to withdraw and deposit on 1xbit, and it should be fairly obvious based on their name. That’s right, the website is entirely bitcoin based. You can deposit through the coin, with the bookie advertising a minimum .005 deposit which is around five dollars at the time of writing.

That’s fairly large for a minimum deposit, and the minimum withdraw is the same amount. This instantly eliminates bettors who wager with small sums of money. Deposits are supposed to be instant but take about ten minutes to go through and the withdraws are supposed to take fifteen minutes but take about an hour. 1xbit is behind the competition again based on their deposits and withdrawals.

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Finally, let’s end our review with mobile friendliness. These days everyone has a phone, and gambling on the go is a major luxury. Remember, you will not always be at a desktop or laptop when you want to wager on a eSports match. Luckily, 1xbit offers great mobile support. Their site is clean and easy to use, and you can easily access all the necessary features in the comfort of your tablet or mobile phone. This is a major pro for the website.

1xbit pros cons

Let’s summarize this Bitcoin sportsbook. They have a simple and neat design that is fairly easy to use, which is neither a pro or a con. They are fairly reputable but take a huge house edge which is a major con. They do offer most matches and even some tier five matches, so that’s good. They do offer an excellent deposit bonus as well. They go downhill from there, however.

Terrible customer service unless you speak russian, high deposit and withdrawal minimums that are not as advertised, and a fairly slow loading website.

Thanks for reading this review, and I will see you next time!

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