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NitrogenSports Review – Trusted Bitcoin Esports Betting Website

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esports btc gambling review

Nitrogensports one of the most trusted websites for sportsbook betting in the Bitcoin world. If you ever wanted to bet on any sport and you would like to do it with BTC than you definitely heard of this service. The ease of use is not their best suit, as they have a clunky looking website with comparably complex betting options. 2-AH key protection sometimes requires you to login again and again which they have been working on to fix for a long time.

Even with these technical issues, you know who they are, you know how they run their business and everyone trusts them. That is their biggest and best asset, they have been here for a long time, as long as possible in bitcoin gambling market and they have been helping everyone properly. At the days of trust issues of many BTC services, they hold still and never broke down which only raised their reputation in sportsbook environment and that is why they are one of the most trusted BTC betting websites if not the best one.

The addition of electronic on top of usual sports didn’t come in late, they were one of the first websites that added esports to their betting options, you can play spread, Money line one game or a whole slip full of 10 or more games, it’s all up to you. There are so many options for bets on Nitrogensport that you may mistakenly bet on two games three different ways like a fool (ehem ehem, not me, friends, definitely not me).

nitrogen btc nets

Nitrogensports also provides very good odds compared to other bitcoin esports bookies. If you want to spend fiat currency and give all your information and deal with banks, basically go through all the hassle of playing with dollars, then you may find better odds but it’s risky. Here all you have to do is create a username and password, send your BTC anonymously and you are good to go and they have very competitive odds even with so many ease of use features.

esports best odds

As far as withdrawals are concerned there is only withdrawing and depositing with bitcoin available. You can’t use it as an exchange; it is a sportsbook and because of that knowing you can only deposit, bet and withdraw with BTC is a must. Tough there is no issue with withdrawing, it is automatic and very very quick, especially comparing to other sportsbooks that do not work with bitcoins. It is light speed fast, it is faster than almost all other crypto bookies as well. Depositing is instant and withdraws doesn’t take more than 30 mins to reach.

nitrogen features benefits bonuses

There are not that many promotions for esports unfortunately, this could be because there are less gaming fans in bitcoin community and more soccer lovers and that is why their promotions are towards soccer and a bit of basketball as well. They do however make promotions during big events like Super bowl on American football or NBA finals. Last year they had a promotion of premier league for the sake of Leicester who beat all the odds.

Rarely there are promos for LoL and CS:GO big events but they are few and far between. This could change very quickly if there was a sudden rise in interest of esports betting on their website and they are forced to acknowledge it and act accordingly. This is on all of us to show them that we are here and wager enough to get attention. Thanks to our interest and energy we can reap the benefits of better promotions.

nitrogen betting option

The options for esports bets are as good as it gets. There are betting opportunities for CS:GO tournaments, LoL, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Starcraft 2 and Overwatch. If there is anything major in any other game they add that too. There was an instance where they added Smite for example when there was a match for million dollar prize. So anything big about esports they see, they add it. You won’t miss any major event.

This wide variety of games they add does help us out to have multiple options and if we are in doubt of one bet then we can skip it and still find many other matches. They even leave the old bets on their site so you can see the results and details of previous games.

esports betting bookies

Support here is amazing since you can contact them via ticket system, mail them, write on their reddit, write to their bitcointalk topic or facebook and god knows what else I haven’t seen. Reaching out to Nitrogen is as easy as it gets and anytime I have sent them a ticket they have responded me in less than 24 hours. To be honest, the problem was already solved before that so even with this great support system they have, you won’t need it much because everything works as promised and not that many problems ever occur.

esports gambling bets btc

Funny enough, their website is responsive and mobile friendly and looks a lot better on mobile instead of PC. They probably spend a lot more time on design and ease of use at mobile side considering how we all use our mobiles a lot more than we used to and that was a good decision. I prefer to use their website through my smart phone and never had any problems so far, I like it more than using it on my PC.

lol starcraft csgo hearthstone betting btc

All in all, Nitrogensport is one of the best betting sites if you would like to stay anon, pay with bitcoins and bet on esports. They are the best if you want all three and one of the best if you just one or two of that. I can recommend them enough for any BTC user. When you see a 4-5 year old sportsbook in cryptocurrency community getting praises, you know they are very good.

Thanks for reading this review, see you next time! Good luck!

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