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SMITE Weekly: SPL Summer Relegations, BSL, LatAm and 4.9 Patch

As Smite Summer Split is under way, we’re going to give you another week of exciting updates in this game. You’re going to witness several esports organizations from NA and Europe once again clashing to become the best in their respective divisions. During the Smite Masters, we have witnessed Obey Alliance dominating the entire tournament against the other mighty teams in that round.

The OPL 2nd Split was ongoing since a couple of weeks ago, featuring the best squads in the division. However, it was a surprise that Kangas Esports, who ended up second to the last in the standings, are now rising to the top. As Smite’s LAN and online competitions giving excitement to the fans, there’s something going on that would make you excited even more. You can watch all of these events live on Twitch.

Without further ado, these are some updates you may wanna know here on Smite:


SPL Relegations Recap

As the heat is on, the SPL tournament was concluded in a successful way. Rules are straight and simple. Winners will advance to the next round and losers are automatically eliminated fair and square.

Two losing teams (Spring tournament) and the top winning crews (Challenger tournament) will battle it out in this event on their respective regions. Two of the top esports squads in Europe and NA for this event will go on to the main event of the summer. In this tournament alone, Hindu guardian Ganesha will not be available.

This competition was held last May 13-14, 2017. The NA region is composed of Sanguine Esports, The Papis, Novus Orsa and Optimus Gang. As for the Europe region, it consists of Quignitas, SPL Gatekeepers, Noble and Flash Point.

At the end of the contest, Optimus Gang and the Papis dominated in Europe. As for North America, they have FP and Noble advanced to the next round. They will advance to the upcoming summer tournament. For the rest, better luck next time.

They had a dream to face the world’s top crews in Smite tournaments. Out of all the participating teams who qualified for the upcoming event, the Papis are the ones that inspire their competitors and viewers. Battling through internet connection issues and other circumstances, it took them a while to reach this point. Due to their determination, willingness and the heart to do whatever it takes to win games, it’s finally paid off.

As they prepare for the upcoming Dreamhack Valencia competition, I feel that each team will be going all out to make a case and prove to the world that they can make a big difference.


Brazil and Latin American 2nd Split tournament

The Latin American and Brazil summer tournament are also getting started while OPL is currently ongoing.

BSL 2nd Split teams consist of Riders Esports, Yakuz4, Etes, Valhalla PG, Red Canids and Black Dragons. As of today, the BD’s are at the top of the tourney. However, they cannot underestimate other crews who are changing their tactics and reviewing replays. They have to do something to maintain their consistency in this division. It is going to be an all-out war for all of them. It is expected that there will be intense action as they’re fighting to advance into the next round of the biggest summer event today.

The LatAm North teams consists of the Luccini Gaming, the Game Oversl, the Artyk Gaming, the 404 Name Not Found team, the Hafnet Esports and the Licht Esports. As for the LatAm South rosters, they have the Zeta Strike, the Titanes Esports, the Team Fitz, the Nocturns Gaming, the Full Burst and the Isurus Gaming.

Two of these giant teams (Licht and Isurus) are dominating their divisions as of today. But they cannot take other squads lightly during the 2nd split. Other teams have changed tactics and players in their roster, so expect that there will be adjustments in the upcoming games.


4.9 Patch Notes

In League of Legends, there’s Ahri The Nine-Tailed Fox. Now Smite has it’s own, and her name is Da Ji. She is from the Chinese Pantheon, and looks like a badass female assassin. What I really liked about her visuals are the 9 tails when she walks or runs around the map. It shows the real fox’ color compare to Ahri’s white 9 tails.

Anyways, here are the changes you’ll see in the 4.9 patch:

New Smite Chinese God
  • Da Ji, the Nine-Tailed Fox (Assassin, Chinese Pantheon)
New Smite God Skins
  • Vixen skin for Da Ji
  • Stone Sentinel skin for Camazotz
  • Nebula skin for Medusa
  • Shino-bo skin for Kuzenbo
  • Storm Raven skin for Jing Wei
  • Gold, Legendary and Diamond mastery skins for Ganesha
New Emotes on Smite
  • Da Ji now has clap and wave emotes
  • Camazotz now has a dance emote

There are few item and god bug fixes that will be implemented in this patch like Stone of Binding, Runeforged Hammer and Ganesha’s Dharmic Pillars. An interesting change to see in this patch is the Ranked Pausing system. In this patch, it seems that you cannot vote to un-pause until 3 seconds have passed during Ranked gaming. If you stay in touch with the S4 ticket, there are times you will see “0-0” in each team’s record in their standings of each division. The fix will be implemented once the patch is implemented.

In god changes, it seems that Cernunnos was going to be nerfed due to his overwhelming power and speed. They have decided to reduce some of his physical power scaling and increased his second ability cooldown by 2 seconds. Aside from Cernunnos, Susano and Chang’e are also going to be nerfed. Erlang Shen, Guan Yu, Hades and Odin are going to be buffed with some base attack power, base attack speed, magical damage, decreased cooldowns and a whole lot more.


This is all for now. Stay tuned for more updates on Smite as we’re heading towards the upcoming Summer Split 2017 tournament where top esports teams from North America and Europe are battling out for supremacy.

Have a nice day guys! Good luck!

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