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CS:GO Qualifiers: CIS, ESL One Cologne, Dreamhack Summer

This week featured a lot of action, with six qualifiers taking place! Since we can’t fit all that info along with other news into one weekly article, we will be doing a special article to recap all six events.


The first competition we will discuss in the CIS Minor qualifier. Basically, this was a battle for a spot at the qualifier for the offline qualifier at the major. If that sounds complicated, it is. Basically, the eight teams who advanced off of this tourney would be one step closer to a major spot. Former Navi legend Starix joined Spirit for the tourney, whose main and academy team qualifier. Hobbit’s pro100 squad qualified as well, along with Vega Squadron who knocked NiP out at the offline fight last year. The other four crews to move forward were Tengri, K29, Spartak, and Quantum Bellator Fire. These guys will battle it out for two spots at the offline major qualifier in June.

The next event we will discuss in the EU minor qualifier. The same thing as the CIS one, except with better rosters. While none of the teams in the CIS region are expected to qualify, some of the Europeans might. EnVyUs, who lost their spot after the shuffle left them with devoid of a three player majority required to hold a major slot, have to requalify from the bottom. Luckily, they qualified along with a new look Dignitas and the up and coming BIG and Penta.

LDLC and iGame.com were also able to fight their way through. The polish side of Kinguin also made it through along with Fnatic Academy. Since academy teams can’t play in the same tourney as their parent crews, Fnatic Academy has separated from Fnatic in order to pursue a major spot. The eight squads I mentioned will fight for one of three spots in the offline major qualifier. The crews will battle it out in Romania in the middle of June, to hopefully go to the final offline major contest.

ESL One Cologne is another premier tournament who held a tourney to determine which teams could round out its main competition. With a large amount of prize money at stake and tier one teams in attendance, those who made the big tournament in Germany are given a huge advantage for the future. The North American side was given one spot while Europe was given two. Open ladders, where anyone could sign up, allocated two spots for the closed and exclusive qualifying competition.


Liquid ended up battling CLG for the North American place at ESL One Cologne in the closed finals. The first map of Cobblestone was a nail biter in which Liquid managed to squeak out a win in all thirty rounds. The second map was one sided, and Liquid won Inferno 16-8 to book their spot at ESL One Cologne. The European side of things was a lot more interesting. Lots of top teams battled it out, with the final four consisting of Godsent, Dignitas, Heroic, and Space Soldiers.

The Turkish Space Soldiers faced the Swedish Godsent crew. Behind their star Calyx, they were able to crush Godsent of their signature map Cobblestone 16-5. They took advantage of the momentum to win Mirage 16-10, and seize a spot at ESL One Cologne. Heroic beat Dignitas 16-4 on Inferno and all hope looked lost for Dignitas as Nuke, Heroic’s best map was next. It was a close affair, but Heroic ended up on top in thirty rounds to book the last slot in the premier tourney.

The finals set of battles for slots we will cover is the Dreamhack Summer qualifying tourneys. The favorite Misfits were knocked out early in the North American division. The finals ended up featuring CLG, who looked good with acquisition Rickeh. The other crew that made it was Renegades, the squad Rickeh abandoned to join CLG. In a fierce grudge match, CLG took the first map 16-13 after an epic comeback from seven rounds down on the CT side of Cobblestone. Renegades returned by crushing CLG on Mirage 16-8, to force a third map. CLG was able to take Cache 16-13, and are now the proud owners of the NA slot for Dreamhack Summer.

The European qualify competition featured lesser known teams as the major squads prepare for the upcoming major. In a all Danish final, Singularity took on Team123. The first maps was a tense affair, with Singularity winning in triple overtime on Train. Furious for letting Train slip away, Team123’s star NatoSaphiX carried his team to a 16-13 victory on Nuke. His team was not performing, however, and Singularity ended up securing their slot with a 16-8 win on Inferno.


Thanks for reading my special tournament edition CS:GO weekly piece. We are going to release the regular article as well very soon so be sure to look out for that and other future articles as well.

I hope you enjoyed and were informed by my article, and I will see you in the very next CS:GO weekly! Good luck!

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