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Smite Weekly: Results, Summer Sale, Odyssey Skin, 4.10 Patch

Hello, guys! It’s another week again of nonstop action Smite tournaments. This time, I will be giving you the latest updates of every tournament and some changes in the upcoming patch. Let’s get started by giving you the results.


OPL Week 4 Results

 dire wolves team smite def. noxide team smite

The winless team might have improved their gameplay, but they can’t withstand against the mighty ones.

 kanga esports team smite and legacy esports team smite ended in a split

It seems that Kangas are losing their flow despite their strong start. In this game, they ended up tied with second placer Legacy.

 dark sided team smite and avant garde team smite  also ends with a tie

The “average Joes” are off to a rough start. However, they’ve ended up with a split decision when facing each other.


BGL Week 4 Results

 black dragon team smite defeats red canids team smite 

It was expected that the BD’s would dominate the competition, and their first victim is no other than the RC’s.

 etes team smite defeats riders team smite

They have shown a lot of promise entering the BPL second split. They did that by defeating the respectable Riders.

 black dragon team smite defeats etes team smite

One day later, the winners of yesterday faced each other in an intense solid battle. Sorry to say that I have confidence with BD’s winning over ETES.

 valhalla pg team smite  defeats yakiz4 team smite

I never followed either both of these teams under the Brazil division. They’re doing well in this matchup. It was Valhalla PG prevailed over Yakuz4.


LatAm PL Week 3 Results

 nocturns gaming team smite beats full burst team smite

They got off to a great start by beating an improving Full Burst team.

 artyk gaming team smite beats game over sl team smite 

They’ve shown everyone on what they’ve been capable of by beating Game OverSL.

isurus team smite def. titanes esports team smite

I think they’ve came here for a reason, and that is to dominate. Beating Titanes Esports is a great example for them.

 hafnet team smite defeats 404 name not found team smite 

It seems that they’re not ready to face Hafnet Esports yet, that’s why they lost.

titanes esports team smite beats nocturns gaming team smite

After their loss, Titanes got their momentum back against Nocturns Gaming.

licht esports team smite beats 404 name not found team smite 

The mighty team of Latin American division showed everyone that they’re the best, and they proved it by beating the latter easily.


SCL Week 2 Results

Both strictly business team smite and elevate team smite  are tied

I was expecting that SB’s would easily dominate Elevate XBox, but it ended with an even score of 1-1.

 astral authority team smite and starboys team smite end their game with a deadlock

This is a surprise to me. Starboys got even with A-double? Good grief.

obey alliance team smite defeats soar team smite

I did expect Obey Alliance to dismantle SoaR Gaming once and for all, and they did it.


Smite Pro League Summer Split Results

 dignitas team smite defeats elevate team smite

It was an easy decision for me that Team Dignitas would dominate Elevate in this game.

eanix team smite defeats papis smite team

The underdogs have shown great promise in the tournament, but they can’t get past Eanix in this game.

  defeats flash point team smite 

Flash Point did a great job in the last qualifying tourney. Adjustments should be made after falling at the hands of Monkey Madness.

dignitas team smite defeats burrito team smite 

Dignitas is simply hard to beat. Burrito Esports could learn their lesson from this defeat.

 team rival smite and nrg team smite ended at 1-1

Two of the most popular teams in Smite are battling with supremacy, which leads them to a tie.

 papis smite team and elevate team smite also concluded at 1-1

I would say that The Papis have great potential, and they’ve responded with a tying score with Elevate.

eanix team smite and obey alliance team smite ended with a split

I did expect that Obey Alliance would defeat Eanix, but I was wrong. Eanix found a way to respond back and tied with them.

luminosity team smite defeats noble esports team smite 

Noble Esports was also doing a great job in the summer relegations. I hope they’ll find a way to bounce back after their loss to Luminosity.

 in memory of gabe smite team and eunited team smite split their scores

I highly respect both of these teams. They’ve fought hard tooth and nail and ended with a 1-1 decision.

 allegiance team smite defeats flash point team smite 

It was easy enough for an average team like Allegiance to settle their score against Flash Point. Good job guys!

  and eager team smite exchange victories at 1-1

Team Eager was the best team in NA server, but I’m surprised that Monkey Madness found a way to even their series.


Grand Sale For Summer Split Pass 2017

Right now, Smite has a promo to all players who haven’t purchased the ticket yet. Originally at 400 gems, it was now slashed off at 25% for a limited time only.


Odyssey Skin Community Vote 2018

This is good news for all Smite fans. Now that Odyssey draws near, it is time for another round of community votes for the next Tier 5 skin in the 2018 Odyssey event. It was already revealed on the website that the class being chosen by the community is a hunter.


4.10 Patch Notes

It is going to be very interesting for me as a Smite player, because they’ve finally remodeled Bacchus, The God of Wine. Not only that, Bacchus, along with other gods, Poseidon, Ravana, Hercules, Da Ji and Rama are getting cool skins. There will be a new adventure game, which is called Trials of King Hercules. It introduces a new Dungeon and Adventure bundle for those players who can afford to shell out their pockets for good. There’s going to be numerous fixes and changes in some items, gods and the in-game system. This patch, however, will be implemented by next week.


Thanks for tuning in to our weekly updates. We look forward to what’s coming in for next week. You can follow Hi-Rez Studios on their social media channels and watch live on Twitch at the same time.

Game on! Good luck!

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