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Hearthstone Weekly: Japan Major and Gold Cup Results

Allright, lads! The Gold Cup and the Japan Majors has just concluded. This week is an all Asian love affair after both tourneys concluded. I would like to congratulate Pinpingho for winning the Japan Majors and XHope for winning the Gold Cup. Guess who’s gonna be driving a shiny new Ferrari now? Enough of that, let’s do a recap of the last week’s action!


Japan Majors

Let’s start off with the Japan Majors. The finals went live last Saturday. There were 8 hopefuls that wanted to win the Majors, all from the APAC region. There’s Tansoku, wing, MATSURI and tacici from Japan. The champ Pinpingho and BGIOU from Taiwan. WaningMoon from the Philippines and jjangnara from South Korea.

First game of the Round 1 was played between the two Japanese players in wing and MATSURI. From the onset of the match, wing looked uncomfortable playing and committed some minor misplays. MATSURI capitalized on those and took all three fights from wing to advance to Round 2.

Second battle was between WaningMoon and Tansoku. The two HGG players went face to face with but the Japanese man took the win without dropping the game. Tansoku would become the runner up for the Majors eventually, and his playing showed why he would be in the finals.

Third match is between the sole Korean jjangnara, and the eventual champion pinpingho. Man, this one went all the way but pinpingho would take the win on this one. Out of the 4 Round 1 matches, this was the only battle where no sweeps happened.

Fourth match was between the Japanese tacici and the Taiwanese BGIOU. The Taiwanese player swept the Japanese player in a 3-0 fight to advance to the second round where he would face his fellow countryman.

Round 2 was grittier than the first round. MATSURI and Tansoku were trading blows left and right but Tansoku came out the victor in a match that went the distance. Same thing could be said at the other bracket of the semi-finals, where both Taiwanese players played each other to be able to go to the finals. It was Pinpingho who would emerge as the winner in a 3-1 final score.

The final battle of the Majors was no different. It was Pinpingho who took first blood winning the first game. Tansoku answered back winning the second game but then fell lost the third one. With the score to 2-1, Tansoku showed a very good rally winning the next two rounds making the score 2-3 and being in matchpoint. Pinpingho had other ideas though, reverse sweeping the Japanese man to win the first ever Japan Majors.


Gold Cup

Now we head over to China. Where the EU and the CN players are battling it out who gets to drive home a brand spanking new Ferrari California T. There were 4 players from EU and 4 players from CN advancing to the final 8 with Pavel leading the pack with the best record in all groups.

The quarterfinals pitted XHope and OmegaZero against each other. OmegaZero came in the quarters with the second best record with 6-1. OmegaZero showed dominance right from the start winning the first game but that did not stop XHope from taking round after round from OmegaZero. It was not until the fifth game that OmegaZero recovered and won two straight to even up the score. The match eventually went the distance ending in XHope’s favor.

The second matchup was between StanCifka and Orange. Orange drew first blood in a Warrior-Rogue battle. The Czech had other ideas though and was putting on a masterclass clinic against the Swede, reversing the game and winning comfortably with a 4-1 match score. StanCifka would advance to the semis and would face the Chinese player, XHope.

The third fight of the quarters was the one everyone was waiting for. Pavel showed everyone why he is the World Champion by sweeping his first three games. It was not until the fourth game that Xixo registered something on the board, but Pavel ended his series by winning the next game afterward.

The fourth match up was between Dogggg and Trunks. Dogggg took the first two games but was then equaled by Trunks. Dogggg showed determination though and swept the next two matches to advance to the semis.

The semifinals was an all Asian love affair as both Chinese players advance to the finals. XHope had another difficult route against StanCifka with another 4-3 win. The other side of the semis though saw a lot of people crying because they wanted Pavel to win. Dogggg denied Pavel’s wins streak though in a 4-2 score. This was Pavel’s only loss in the tournament.

The finals. What can I say? After all XHope has been through, from all the quarterfinals and semis games where it went tooth and nail. Perfection at last! XHope #rekt his countryman in a 4-0 sweep. Oh sweet sweet victory. Just like Lyra the Sunshard would say, “Behold the Glory of the New Sun!” It is a new sun indeed, as XHope is crowned the new Gold Cup Champion.


And there you have it, lads! Once again, this is Karmakeddon, bringing you all the hottest Hearthstone news that’s happening worldwide. Always stay cheeky lads! Good luck

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