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Betting Tips for ESL Pro League – North America Week 9

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Since Starladder just ended, we have quite a bit of time to wait before a major LAN sweeps us up in it’s excitement. Luckily for us, there are online leagues to provide high quality games for us in the meanwhile. Today we will be going over the Betting Tips for ESL Pro League North American division, and predicting the matches for the upcoming week. I did a similar article for the European division, so be sure to check that out. Your time is valuable, so without further ado, let’s get started!

sk gaming team cs go vs nrg esports team csgo 

The first match day on Tuesday features four exciting battles. The first one pits SK against NRG. SK have been struggling a bit lately, which NRG are on the rise with their new roster. However, there is still a huge skill difference between the once major champions and the fairly new squad. NRG is backed up by some celebrities like Alex Rodriguez, but due to the weak North American pro scene, they are unable to buy up enough good players to really compete against top tier teams. My betting tip for ESL Pro League in an easy 2-0 for SK, and that is where the smart value bet is as well.

team liquid counter strikevs cloud9 team cs go

While this fight is raging on, Team Liquid will take on Cloud9 in a long, bitter North American rivalry. Cloud9 have looked off their game lately due to Skadoodle being injured and in the hospital, but they are the reigning champions of ESL Pro League. Liquid have looked good since they brought in Twist to replace Pimp. Expect a 1-1 as both teams take their map picks. The smart money would be to bet on the over on both games as these crews usually fight long and tightly contested matches.

immortals team csgo vs renegades team counter strike

Things do not cool down later in the day, as two more fights are available for your viewing pleasure. Immortals take on Renegades in the first match, and this is an interesting battle to predict. Renegades have lost a lot of their players, and are suffering roster turmoil. Immortals have looked good in their recent ESL Pro league fights however. I think that Immortals take it 2-0, but Renegades keep it close. Bet on the 2-0 as the odds will probably be good enough to make some profit off that bet.

thefoundation team cs go vs luminosity gaming team csgo

The final battle of the day is quite underwhelming. As you know if you read my CS:GO weekly article, Selfless was disbanded, and the players founded a team called The Foundation. This squad has inexperienced players who have never played professionally before. Even though they are only playing Luminosity, Foundation will probably get crushed in an easy 2-0. I would not bet on this match because of the low quality of play, but a bet on 2-0 for Luminosity would be the smart play.

winterfox team counter strike vs optic gaming team csgo

Wednesday brings another four matches for us to view and wager on. Winterfox take on Optic, and this is another fight where it is hard to see anything but an Optic 2-0. Winterfox would be natural underdogs against Optic no matter what the circumstances, but they are currently stranded in Australia! That means they have to play with a ping of over two hundred, which makes it almost impossible to hit the quick shots that are required at this level of CS. Betting on anything but a 2-0 for Optic would be foolish.

misfits team cs go vs renegades team counter strike

At the same time as this fight, Misfits will be taking on Renegades. I have already talked about the Renegades and their roster turmoil, but the Misfits have some new faces as well. As I mentioned in my CS:GO weekly article, they recently added a french duo. They looked alright against Winterfox, but it is easy to beat opponents with two hundred ping. Expect each squad to pick up a map in a close series. The best wager would be on the over for both games.

immortals team csgo vs team liquid counter strike

The latter part of the evening features Immortals taking on Liquid. This is a good matchup that features crews that regularly make international LANs. I expect each squad to pick up their map choice in two tightly contested maps. Liquid’s Twist will go off, while Hen1 and Steel will carry the load for Immortals. The smart money would be to wager on a 1-1 scoreline, as these two crews are evenly matched.

cloud9 team cs go vs luminosity gaming team csgo

The final matchup of the day pits Cloud9 against Luminosity. Cloud9 is on the down while Luminosity is on the rise. However, the gap between these two crews in terms of skill level is still considerably large. Expect Cloud9 to take it in two easy maps. The intelligent cash would be on Cloud9 to take it 2-0 as well.

rush team cs go vs counter logic gaming team cs go

Thursday has only two matches, and they aren’t much to get excited about. It is a good way to see the younger talent however. Rush takes on CLG in the first part of the day. Rush just aren’t ready for the professional level yet, and may get relegated back to the ESEA Premier league. CLG is looking good to take this 2-0, and that is what you should wager on as well.

complexity team csgo vs misfits team cs go

The final matchup is between Complexity and Misfits. Both of these teams are mid tier North American teams, and they both lack a star player. However, I have to give the edge to Complexity here, because of the recent roster turmoil that took place in Misfits. Complexity takes it 2-0, but the smart cash would be on the over, as these two crews play two close maps.


Thanks for reading my Betting Tips for ESL Pro League and sticking around till the end. I hope you enjoyed the article and my predictions, as well as my analysis.

Be on the lookout for future articles, and I will see you next time. Good luck!

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