is omg bet legit?
Real Money Sportsbooks Review – Promising Esports Betting Website

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omg bet esports bettingNow, this betting site somehow separates themselves apart from any other website that I have reviewed in the past design wise. Sure they may still have that dark theme as the overlaying background, but what sets them apart is their use of the color Red as the main counter theme. Most other sites use either shades of blue or shades of green as primary colors but not OMG Bet.

The layout is also designed intelligently. You will be able to see your bet slip right away since they put it on the top right part of their page, and since it is a static panel, every time you scroll up or down, the slip stays in position so you can keep track of it properly.

omg bet pros cons

The website is kind of new. It just started a couple of months ago and so far, it has been good. I tried researching about this company, but so far I have not found anything bad about it yet. Hopefully, that trend keeps going on as we really need a good betting site with positive reviews that also offers skin rewards.

It seems that they are fairly transparent with how they run things too. They post all of their social media accounts for people to see, albeit new. Also, they are active a lot in their Twitter and VK account, which is a good thing as they seem to be competent enough to hire people to be able to manage their social media accounts.

I did dig a little deeper and researched a bit on this new budding company, but to no avail, I could not find anything since they are fairly new. However, without bad reviews surfacing ever since they started a couple of months still tell us a few things that are unsaid. This means that the user base that they currently have are happy with the service they are providing and are able to process the payouts on time.

If you remember, most of the bad reviews on betting sites starts whenever the payouts are getting paid late or if the deposits withdrawals are being blocked. So if we do not hear anything about that right now, that means everything is up and functional at and I really hope it stays that way.

They also have KYC requirements implemented on the site, however when you click on your account page, it just shows the form that you have to put your credentials, but there is no notice that you are required to do it immediately. They do have it however in the FAQ page but let’s be honest, most of the gamblers that visit the site usually do not bother with the FAQs page if no problem arises.

If they want the person who just registered an account to place a balance on their wallet right away, I would suggest to put an urgent notice on the account page to complete KYC as fast as possible. This means that the person who owns the account will also be eligible in their other promotions and contests as most of them require KYC completion. Makes it less of a headache for both the site and the gambler, so it is a win-win for both parties.


omg bet review how to bet

Currently, there are not a lot of features that are being offered here right now since the site is somewhat brand new. However, they do offer a lot of benefits that get sent to your email address once you register for your account here. They also even offer skin rewards for your favorite Steam games in a lot of their raffles. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me in my opinion.


omg bet odds

The odds they offer are pretty standard just like with any other betting site out there. It actually revolves on how the teams or the players stack up against each other. However, they do offer special odds if you are betting on the underdog in some of the matchups with the tag NO DOUBTS. The underdog odds for the No Doubt matches will have higher pay than the regular pay. So if you want to take a gamble and hope for the big bucks, or if Lady Luck manages to grace your day, you might want to look for these No Doubt matches and try your hand at betting on the underdog for a bigger payday.


omg bet bonus promo code

Most of the bonuses that they offer for gamblers are deposit bonuses. You will usually get a code in your email the moment you register for a deposit bonus. During the past, they were also offering bonuses such as a free $10 on your account and also double your wins. Now they are offering a raffle for skins, with the first place getting a Karambit Urban Masked valued at around $150.


omg bet deposits

Sadly, they do not have a lot of options for the deposit method right now. The only way you can add money on your wallet right now is by using Skrill, Neteller, Qiwi or EcoPayz. This is somewhat a good thing as your bank details will be safe from view since you do not have to put it in the site.

However, this will restrict a lot of gamblers since most of the big whales use bank transfers on a lot of transactions or use cryptocurrency. If somehow they would be able to add these options in the future, then we would be able to see the betting site grow.


omg bet how to faq betting

Their customer service is pretty responsive and friendly, I have to say. I hopped on to their chatbox when I registered and asked a few questions that can be found on their FAQ and Rules page. Most sites would just refer you to the related pages, but the representative I got went miles ahead by actually explaining it to me, and even offered me their current promotion, which was the raffle.

Their main contact of support is by way of the ticket system. Their ticket system can be created in a variety of ways though, from interacting with a representative in the chat box that they have onsite, to sending an email to their helpline, and even going to Telegram, which a lot of other gambling sites do not utilize. They also have the added option of receiving a call back from them.


omg bet mobile betting

This, my friends, is one of the best features of Their webpages are perfectly optimized to be viewed in mobile formats. To be honest, I think mobile viewing was actually their first priority when they designed the site.

Everything just fits perfectly when I am viewing it on my Galaxy S9. I even tried it on my iPad and the panels just space out and scale well with the size of the screen. I have to say, their design is perfect for mobile users and for viewing on the go.


is omg bet legit?

All in all, is a gambling place that I would recommend highly. First of all, I have to commend their customer support and also their social media people since they are very active, helpful and friendly all the same. Since this is a newer site, one would expect that there would be features lacking that could be found on bigger competitors.

However, this is to be expected since they are fairly new. Hard to compare them to established competitors. What, however, brings to the table is the new exciting way to win more on betting on the underdog. This is a smart idea for them to ensure that someone will always take a risk and bet on the underdog for a bigger payday. That feature in itself is genius!


  • Sleek design that is optimized and perfect for mobile users
  • Monthly promos and raffles being offered
  • Competitive betting options and odds
  • Friendly and helpful customer service
  • Call Back and Telegram options in customer service
  • Responsive on all social media accounts
  • No Doubt betting odd (need I say more?)


  • Not a lot of deposit options currently
  • Not a lot of titles on offer right now have not seen any Hearthstone sections
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