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Real Money Sportsbooks Review – Is This a Good Website For Esports Bets?

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esports betting tips may have one of the worst designs for an esports betting website out there. The design of a service is what attracts the users and keeps them playing on a site. This one has one of the most unoriginal designs with just a yellow strip at the top while the rest of the page is plain black. Don’t get me wrong, black is a great colour to use, but just not to such a large extent. A video stream is shown at the top of the page accompanied by a live chat on the side.

Scrolling down reveals the games you can bet on, some news followed by some promotions. The top row of the site includes all the tabs needed to navigate around the platform, along with an authorization box for people to login to their accounts. This is quite convenient and you don’t have to get re-directed to another page to login.

egb com deposit

Moving onto deposit methods, this service offers many different ways that you can deposit money. Unfortunately, like most other gambling websites, does not allow people to deposit via paypal or through in-game items like CSGO gun skins.

However, a very cool feature that is not found on practically any other bookie, is the ability to deposit with the use of a gift card. It was not that easy to find the “Make a Deposit” button. Even though it was red, it was placed amongst a lot of other yellow buttons and it took some searching to finally find it.

egbcom odds

Looking at the odds of, you will be very disappointed to see what they have to offer. The odds that they offer are absolutely disgraceful when compared to other bookmakers, and in most cases, you would be losing out on more that 10 percent more money than if you were to bet on pretty much any other website. To top that off, the odds are placed so badly that you can barely even tell which team the odds are for and it is very easy to accidentally bet on the wrong outcome. It is definitely up there with some of the worst odds on a betting service.

egb com esports bookies bonuses

What may make up for these horrible odds, for some people, is the amount of bonuses they offer. The main offer that they are giving is the 100 percent on up to 600 dollars. On your first real money deposit, they give you an amount of credits and every time you bet, you earn back some more credits. Another great offer they have is that you get 10 credits for every dollar you bet. Those credits can be used to purchase real money or gaming hardware.

The website also offers a referral system in which you can earn up to 50 dollars per person you invite. Do not hesitate to use our referral link if you want to help us. Egb also hosts a lot giveaways in which they give things such as ipads and iphones. Probably the coolest offers of them all are the daily quests. The site gives you quests each day and if you complete them, you get a certain amount of points.

egb com scam

The most common question out there: Is legit? Yes, It has one of the best reputations out there for an esports bookmaker. Scamadviser actually gave it a rating of 98 percent safe to use which is way more than a lot of other houses. In comparison, ggbet only has a 84 percent safety rating and you are advised to take a lot of caution with the site.

There have also been quite a lot of reviews of the service and most show very positive things in relation to its reputation. However, there have been a couple of cases posted up on Reddit, a popular forum, in which people have had troubles withdrawing money from the site. Some have been solved while others haven’t.

esports betting options

Egb offers esports betting as well as a couple of mini games, but that is completely fine with most users. The games that you can bet on are: Counter Strike, World of Tanks, Heroes of the Storm, Rocket League, Starcraft 2, LoL, Smite, Dota 2, Quake (but not many matches), Hearthstone and Overwatch. Each of them includes a plethora of matches and leagues for you to wager on.

dota starcraft hots csgo betting

The customer service offered here is actually quite great. They offer a 24/7, 7 days a week, live chat with the moderators. But first, you should check out their FAQ section as that includes the most frequently asked questions.

They also offer support through emails and you can expect a reply in approximately 24 hours. Each section of the site has their own support email, so the emails are for: general support, promotions, security and the shop. If your inquiry is extremely serious, you can give them a call with the number provided on the ‘Contact’ section.

egbcom mobile

With the design of the desktop version being so bad, most people would think that this would carry over to the mobile version of this site. But that is definitely not the case. The mobile version is designed so much better than the desktop one, with no wasted space on the sides and just a generally better experience.

Login/Signup is located at the top, along with a button to toggle the menu. The top includes a stream, scrolling down you will see a chat and live bets that will be happening soon. They also offer an app, but it is not on the google play store or iTunes store, as it is a .apk file. They could contain viruses so it is not recommended that you download it.

egb com pros cons

In conclusion, is definitely not a very good site to place bets on, with the bad design and bad odds. However, some people might like the offers given out and may be able to look past the bad odds. It has a great reputation as well as a decent design for anyone using a mobile device. To top that off, there is a wonderful customer support team that is willing to help with whatever issues you may have.

Thanks for reading this review, see you next time! Good luck!

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