is 1xbet com legit?
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1xBet Review – Unique Esports Calendar Promo Sportsbook

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Let us start with the first thing that you would see the moment you go to this site. The design for is simple. The aesthetics and the color schemes that they chose for the platform is actually pleasing to the eye due to its single color scheme.

The layout of the panels is also very compact and well positioned. Overall, I would gamble for longer hours here in 1xBet since the color motif of the service is very easy on the eyes, thus it reduces eye strains.


is 1xbet com legit

There have been some complaints regarding 1xBet. Most of them pertain to accounts getting blocked, slow withdrawal times and also slow processing of their KYC process. These types of claims always happen when we are talking about big and popular platforms, so let’s dissect them and see what is really going on.

The most common problem some people are encountering is the blocked accounts. Some guys complain that their accounts are getting blocked and not accessible. The main reason for getting the accounts blocked is that they fail to complete the KYC process, thus the account is in a temporary ban.

However, when the KYC process is completed, and if it passes, the account is automatically unlocked by the sports bookie. So there is nothing wrong here, as KYC is a standard procedure that every licensed betting site should follow.

The second problem that people are encountering is the slow withdrawal times. Out of all the complaints regarding this problem, the main reason that this bottlenecks to this point are again, the KYC process. The site specifically asks for a digital photo of the ID for the KYC process yet a lot of people send either scans or copies. This might be the reason why the KYC process is so backlogged. Due to people who cannot read instructions well.

After sifting through these accusations, I found out that 95% of these have been successfully resolved and the main problem was only due to the verification process of the identification cards.

Some account locks are due to the region bans on some specific countries in regards to online gambling. There is nothing that stands out in regards to blatant stealing or cheating, meaning that 1xBet is safe for gambling if you follow the instructions.


best esports betting site 1xbet

There are a lot of features that are actually offered here in 1xBet. There are all types of games and slots that you can bet on here. But of course, we will be concentrating on eSports betting option.

Esports betting that they offer is the standard one. They carry the main staples such as Counter Strike, Dota 2, Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm. They also offer matches for Call of Duty and the fighting game Dragon Ball Z, which makes them somewhat unique.


1xbet com odds

The odds are pretty straight up here in 1xBet. They base the odds they offer on the popularity of the teams that are playing against each other. Strong and stacked teams will always get lower odds while underdogs will always get higher odds when you win. This only applies to their single bets.

However, if you play chain bet or the Accelerator, the odds change on a whole different level. If you want to earn that big payday, and if you are confident in your bets, I would suggest going for the chain betting as they provide the maximum odds for the bets that you will be doing.


1xbet com promo bonus code free money

1xBet actually offers competitive bonus structures in regards to eSports. They actually have an eSports calendar where you can get a new promo code every single day for a different game that is being played on that day. All you need to do is just go to their promotions and click on eSports Calendar and it will show you all the available promos that they have.

Besides that, simply registering for an account will grant you up to $100 in bonus money. The bonus money applies when you make your first deposit, and they will match your deposit all the way up to $100. That is a good deal if you ask me.


1xbet com deposit how

They have a lot of deposit and withdrawal methods that are accepted. What impresses me most though is that they accept a lot of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Zcash, and Monero are just a few of the cryptocurrency coins that they accept. Aside from those, they also accept all major credit cards and also all major e-wallets and bank transfers.


esports betting platform site btc

This is the part that disappoints me the most. They do have a live chat support, however, the live representative barely understands or speaks English. If you are going to be running an online gambling company that caters to gamblers on a global stage, at least get people who are competent with the English language.

I tried talking to their chat support and we were getting nowhere. I got the information I was looking for faster when I read theirs About Us page.


esports how to bet tips 1xbet

The website translates beautifully when using mobile devices. Do you know why? They actually developed application versions for iOS and Android! I downloaded the apps on 4 devices, 2 on Android and 2 on iOS.

The phone and tablet version for Android works perfectly and it looks like just a miniature version of the web page. The iOS versions, however, are a little bit slower on the response time and the panels are somewhat offset on my iPhone 6S. There were no problems on the iPad however.


1xbet pros cons

All in all, I would recommend betting here only when you complete your KYC process to avoid the same dilemma that other players have encountered in the past. The site is not bad itself and they do offer a lot of matches that you can bet on, especially if you are a CS:GO or a Dota 2 fan.

The customer service could be better though as the ones I encountered are not really well versed in the English language. If you are going to advertise that you are an EU company, might as well invest in an English speaking workforce.

– Lots of eSports matches to bet on, especially in CS:GO
– Very simple and properly working website
– Awesome mobile applications that work perfectly
– Multitudes of cryptocurrencies accepted for deposits and withdrawals
– eSports Calendar to get a different bonus every single day

– Non English speaking Customer Service
– Slow verification process times for KYC and Withdrawals

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