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CyberBet Review – Reputable and User-friendly Esports Bookie

cyber bet esports betsCyber Bet’s design is actually aesthetically pleasing to the eye. First things first, it breaks away from the usual color scheme that is utilized by a lot of sports and esports bookies. It is set on a pristine white background with the panel background mimicking it. The headers are set in a bright and vibrant blue. We see none of those dark colors that are commonly found in the other bookies.

Second, the design is actually user friendly. The headers are set in big bold fonts, while the panels are set in black fonts that show up beautifully against the white background.

cyber bet trust reviewThe reputation of Cyber Bet is actually positive! Not a lot of esports bookies have been getting great reviews in the past, but this one is somewhat different. A lot of people have been raving about how quickly their withdrawal process is. Be it cashing out on Neteller or Yandex or even paying out in Bitcoin.

However, due to their sterling reputation, there are a lot of impersonators or impostors who try to copy their site to be able to scam people into betting and run away with their money. This is due to their layout which is actually very easy to copy. This is actually in no-fault directly to CyberBet since they are not really the guilty party in this scenario, but I just would like to suggest for gamblers to be wary and always check the site or the URL before depositing or placing any bets.

Another bad thing about this site is that they do charge an inactive fee on your account if you have not been logging in or actively gambling in it for a few months. That can be easily resolved though. If you plan on not gambling for an extended period of time, I do suggest that you make use of their fast withdrawal times and cash out your bankroll so that you do not get charged an inactive fee. Although it still takes 120 days before they start tagging your account as inactive, which is roughly 3 months, safer is better if you ask me.


cyber bet features esports bitcoin betsThere are a lot of features that I can say regarding CyberBet. For starters, they are the exact opposite of sports bookies who offer esports betting on the side. In fact, they are primarily an esports bookie but they do have a football section where you can place your wagers in. They offer matches for most of the European leagues, even the smaller ones like the Belarus League and even the Australian A-League. Something that you cannot find in other bigger sports bookies.

Another cool thing that they offer is they are not just a betting site. They also have a healthy community section where you can catch the latest news from your favorite eSports title or eSports league. In this community section, you can find various threads such as big tournaments, team transfers and even threads of their own hosted CS:GO tournaments.


cyber bet oddsThe odds offered on the betting site are floating. The odds actually depends on the matchup between the two competitors on how they stack up. The more consistent or the stronger teams will most likely get the lower odds while the underdogs will get bigger odds. This also applies not just to their esport options, but also to their football betting section. Teams like PSG, Real Madrid, or Barcelona get lower odds if they play squads that are under the pecking order in their respective leagues, but they do even out when they match against consistent squads like them if they are in the Champions League.


cyber bet bonus promo codeThey do offer a $10 free bet upon your first deposit of $10. This free bet offer is sent to you by email after you first create and verify your account. However, you do need to act quickly since the free bet offer only stands for 14 days after your account creation.


cyber bet depositsThey do offer a lot of deposit methods for cashing in for your bankroll. They accept a lot of online wallets such as Neteller, Yandex, WebMoney, and AstroPay. They also accept mobile payment solutions such as Qiwi. If you want the route of cryptocurrency, they do accept bitcoin deposits. And if those are not your thing and want to use the route of a credit card, sadly they only accept Visa for the meantime.

These are also the same withdrawal outlets for you to use if ever you want to cash out your winnings or bankroll.


cyber bet esports betting customer supportThe site does have a live chat option, however, the response on it is limited. Perhaps this is due to the recent coronavirus pandemic that has affected the world right now or I just asked a query on a weekend, but it somehow reverted to the email support option when I tried to ask a question for customer service.

However, what I can say about their customer service is that they are polite! I might have had to wait 2 days for a reply to a question I asked, but when they replied to my email, they did answer my questions and as a bonus, they provided links to the FAQ page for future reference. Not a lot of customer service reps do this nowadays, and for me, this is a good thing!


cyber bet betting esportsThe website is very mobile-friendly. In reality, I prefer browsing on the site using my Note 10. The panel design on it is just perfect to look at and I think it is actually designed to be viewed on mobile phones or tablets. The design is just seamless when you look at it through your phone’s browser.

If you are using a tablet though, it just reverts back to a desktop version since the screen is wide and can incorporate for the space that is lacking on mobile phones. I think it is actually intelligently designed to be able to detect screen size and display it in either a desktop or a mobile version. Something that a lot of other bookie companies can learn from Cyber Bet.


cyber bet pros consAll in all, this is actually a good site to bet in. Based on the positive reviews that I have seen in regard to their withdrawal process, I would definitely try to play here. Nowadays that most of the esports tournaments are resorting to the online ones due to the current pandemic, I will be able to test this site when the next big tourney is coming in. What I really want to try to do here is to bet on some football matches when the pandemic quarantine is lifted. I think this would be a good place to bet on some football matches.

However, as I said earlier, you just need to be careful that you are visiting the real CyberBet website instead of some of the impostors out there since they are easily copied. Other than that small hiccup, I do recommend trying CyberBet at least once since this is one of the few sites where you can actually easily track your betslips on whichever section you go to.

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