is buff bet legit?
Real Money Sportsbooks Review – Shady Esports Betting Website

buff bet esports betting serviceBuff.Bet looks like a wild card out of all the other esports betting sites that I have seen. While most others would definitely use a black and red or black and blue motif for contrasting colors, they took it a different way altogether. What they did with their design is genius.

They used a Black on Grey design, with different shades of dark on panels and the background itself. Then for the colors, they actually used the original logos of either the teams or the games that they are offering, which makes the colors from those brand logos pop out and stand out more. Aesthetically, this web design is genius and very pleasing to look at. I can stare at it for hours.


is buff bet legitBuff.Bet is somewhat of a new kid in the block in betting for esports and sports in general. When I actually did my initial search for them, I rarely found anything of substantial value. So I did what I did best, turned off the safe search to access the nitty gritty side of the net and dug like no other man could.

Turns out that Buff.Bet is actually a re-brand. That is why they are somewhat new to the game. And when I saw the information I was looking for, I was honestly shocked. There are a lot of positive reviews saying that Buff.Bet is a good bookie to wager on, that they offer competitive bonuses and such. Those just scream to me as being paid reviews, since they are actually advertised on the sites that make reviews on them such as HLTV.

The shocking truth that I found out though did not come from review sites, which were obviously paid to make positive reviews, but from the real users who actually experienced betting on the site, and also on the predecessors of it before the re-brand.

One scathing thing tells me to stay away completely from Buff.Bet. Lots of accusations and allegations have been floating around in Reddit and even on the HLTV forums from disgruntled gamblers saying that they have been scammed by the previous company before they renamed it.

The real culprit? Ebettle, which then rebranded to Buff88, and their new version of the gambling site, Buff.Bet. They are actually part of a big umbrella company which owns several platforms and has been scamming players and gamblers for years. These betting websites have the same customer support number, the license registered to the same licensing company.

They are actually owned by Galaxy Group Limited, which has been notorious for closing down accounts and also revoking withdrawing rights from accounts who have won big amounts of cash even though they have provided all the verification documents.

Not only that, the previous brands I mentioned such as Ebettle and Buff88? They are already closed down due to the copious amount of people taking their dirty laundry to Twitter, Reddit and even HLTV due to the disgusting practices that those sites were doing before, scamming money out of the gamblers that play on their site. Now with their new edition called Buff.Bet, I am sure that they will be doing the same shenanigans just like in the past.

And by the way, there are a lot of discrepancies in their Bonus and Promotions page, which signifies that they just copy-pasted the information from one of their other sister companies. Buff.Bet does not even offer cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals onsite, but the glaring information that they have posted in the Bonus and Promotions page is that they include Bitcoin, Etherium and Litecoin, which I have not seen anywhere on the deposits page.


buff bet features benefitsNow enough of the scathing remarks that I have uncovered. They do have some features here that are actually implemented by other big sites like Bet365. That is the Verification section of your account. They do require a valid government issued ID such as a passport or drivers license, a separate proof of address such as a billing statement and also the debit or credit card payment that you will be using.

While I do agree with the first two to provide a valid proof of identity and address, I am still on the fences on why they are asking for credit card details if the option you will be using to gamble anyway is Skin Pay. Asking for credit card details seem shady in my opinion if you are not going to be using that option anyway.

They also offer live sports betting in here, and also a Casino if eSports is not your cup of tea.


esports betting buff betThe odds that they used are actually static and similar to the odds being used in other betting sites such as Arcanebet(review), LootBet(review), and FusionBet, since they are run by the same company anyway.


buff bet bonus promo codeThey have very competitive bonus offers to sucker in innocent gamblers into depositing money to their account. They offer a 100% bonus offers on almost all of their deposits, be it your welcome bonus for esports or the Casino.

Aside from that, they offer a “free” wager which is not really free. Since you can only use one code per deposit, their “free” wager requires you to deposit a minimum of 5 Euros. So basically, it is not free.


buff bet depositThe only deposit methods that I have seen on the deposit page is your usual Bookie package. They accept Skrill, Neteller, PaySafeCard, Qiwi, Yandex, Visa and Mastercards. The only other option here that they offer that does not require credit or debit cards is Skin Pay.

Just to make it clear, there is no cryptocurrency option in the deposit page even though they advertise it in their Bonus and Promotions page and logos of the three big cryptocurrencies at the bottom of their page.


buff bet betting serviceThere is only one option for customer support for Buff.Bet, and that is emailing them. The turn around time for their customer support is most likely 48 hours or more since they are swamped with email requests from users.

I would not hold my breath on that though since their parent company runs a ton of other bookie sites, they probably share the same customer service team so replying to a basic question is probably on the bottom of their priority list.


buff bet esports betting serviceThe site seems mobile friendly. Actually, it is one of the things that they actually have done right with the site. The panels do not get misaligned when viewing it on either a tablet or a smartphone.

I used my iPad to view the site, and it looks just like a miniature version of the desktop site. The mobile webpage for mobile devices is where I commend them for. They seem to make an effort for it to be mobile friendly.


buff bewt pros cons sumNow that we are at the end of the review, I only have one advice for you gamblers. Stay away from this site, or any of their other sister companies that are held by Galaxy Group Limited. They are just out to get you and will definitely be happy to scam the money out of your pocket. This site is as shady as it gets, and it is not just my opinion.

A lot of users in Reddit and HLTV agree with me on this. I would try other legitimate bookie sites like Betway or GG Bet. Honestly, I would not touch Buff.Bet with a 10-foot pole if you ask me.

And to prove my point, I would not even go to the Pros and Cons as the Cons on this site far outweighs the Pros of coming here. The only Pros they have are the aesthetic side of things, like the design of the webpage and their mobile counterparts. Other than that, it will leave a bad taste in your mouth. So I have two words for you, STAY AWAY!

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