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CS:GO Blast Pro 2019 Los Angeles Preview and Betting Predictions

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Hello there CS:GO fans! I do have a new tournament that will come soon for you all to be excited about! I am talking about the Blast Pro Series, which this time will be held in my home state, sunny California! This edition of Blast Pro will be held in the City of Angels, Los Angeles.

The event will start on the 13th of July and will conclude the next day. It will also have a quarter-million dollar prize pool, with $125,000 and also 10 BPS points going to the winner of the event for their Tournament Circuit.

The venue for the tourney will be in the HD Buttercup Loft, right at the heart of Los Angeles. Let’s check who is going to participate in this competition and make our predictions regarding the winner of Los Angeles 2019 Blast Pro Series!

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There will be a total of 6 squads who will be competing for the 10 BPS points and also the cold hard cash rewards. These well be Cloud 9, Faze Clan, Team Liquid, MiBR who got direct invites from the Circuit. Then you have NRG eSports and Renegades who qualified for this event from the Wild Card tournaments.

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Roster Changes

There are a few notable changes that came recently. The first one is that Felps is going to be sent to Luminosity Gaming by MiBR in exchange for Lucas1. It will still be an all BR lineup, but the way their lineup is looking right now is similar to the old Immortals era.

The second and most notable roster change is the full gutting of the lineup of Cloud 9. Basically, they are revamping their whole roster. Long time player, Rush is being benched, while team captain GOLDEN is being loaned to Ninjas in Pyjamas. They will also be releasing their recent signings, Vice and CajunB.

To replace these 4 players, they will sign Daps from NRG eSports, and grab Tenz from Bad News Bears, Mixwell from Movistar Riders and Koosta from Ghost Gaming. Only Autimatic will be the sole remaining player from the original roster of Cloud 9 to stay active.

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Blast Pro Series 2019 Los Angeles Betting Predictions

Now let’s head immediately to the predictions! I will not be covering the format of the Blast Pro tourneys from here on out since they are still using the same format for all their events. Now, out of these 6 teams that will be competing right now in Los Angeles, actually, 2 of them are in the top 3 of the Global Circuit ranking by BPS.

Team Liquid currently sits down in 2nd place with 16 points, while Faze sits at third with 12. Since the leader of the Global Circuit, which is Astralis, is not invited to this event, I see either Liquid or Faze usurping the crown from Astralis.

Well enough of me rambling about the Global Circuit rankings, I’m gonna go ahead with picking the teams that I think will be successful in this tourney.

CS:GO Blast Pro 2019 Los Angeles Preview and Betting Predictions

The first squad that I think will be in the Finals, and in my own opinion would probably win the whole event and snag the first place in the leaderboards is Team Liquid. I mean, at this point, Liquid is the strongest team in the world. They have won almost all of the big tournaments starting from the IEM in Sydney, then in Dallas, then recently in France and in Germany. So with them back in the US, I think they will be using this BPS Los Angeles tournament as a means to acclimatize themselves and also as a way to practice if they want to win the next IEM event that will be happening this month.

Also, I am sure that Liquid would want to set the record for being the fastest team to win the IEM Grand Slam, and by the way they are currently playing, I am fairly sure that they will most likely win this BPS and the IEM Chicago in the next few weeks, cementing the 5 needed wins to claim that $1,000,000 prize pool. Not a bad run for Stewie and his ragtag best team in the world huh?

CS:GO Blast Pro 2019 Los Angeles Preview and Betting tips

The next team I think will be a very good contender to reach the finals would be NRG Esports. Surprised? You should be. They are currently making their own Cinderella story run. If you have been paying attention lately, they have been providing very good results in all of the competitions that they have been joining lately. With their recent addition Tarik already pulling his weight, I think they have a chance to place themselves on the Global Circuit leaderboard and become a contender in the Blast Pro Series.

I mean as of right now, there are still 3 more events aside from Los Angeles, so if they play well here and get invited on the next ones, they do have a chance to get qualified for the Global event at the end of the year for a chance to compete in a $500,000 prize pool tourney. All they need to do is keep up what they are currently doing, and they have a very big chance.

CS:GO Blast Pro 2019 Los Angeles Preview and Betting advice

Now, let’s go to our dark horse competitor for this event. I think the one who will most likely come third in this tourney would be Faze Clan. After all, they are the squad that has a lot to gain if they are able to secure the 6 points. Out of all of the squads that will be competing here too, I think they have one of the more stable lineups right now, aside from Liquid and Renegades.

Renegades might give them a run for their money, but I do feel that the Aussies will fall short. They have been underperforming lately, thus I think they will not be one of the stronger teams in this event. If you look at Cloud 9, that whole roster has been gutted. They might surprise us, but I am not holding my breath for them. MiBR is MiBR, they will find a way to lose a game that they are already ahead. Hence my pick would be Faze Clan as they are the safe bet.


If you have your own predictions for the Los Angeles Blast Pro Series, then feel free to share them in the comment section below! And as always, I wish you good luck with your bets! Good luck!

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