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CS:GO Tips: where to find betting predicitions?

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Watching CS:GO matches can be quite fun. Placing a bet on the match can make it even better! However, it is hard to know which team to bet on. You have to put in hard work and research to fully understand the pro scene and how to make profit. Luckily, there are some people called “tipsters” who do this work for you and post their picks. In this article, I will discuss how to determine if CS:GO betting predictions are good, how to understand what can be predicted and how to make picks yourself if you are willing to put in the time.

I want to get started! What do I do?

Great, glad you are still reading! To get started, you should first watch some games on twitch (most popular streaming platform), and analyze teams on HLTV.org (more depth on this in how to make your own predictions). Once you have done this, you can either pick a CS:GO tipster with the advice I will give you in the next part of this article or make your own predictions!

How do I pick a tipster?

With prognosticators, you want those with a successful track record and who are willing to provide logic behind every pick. Anyone can pick a random team and call themselves a “tipster” but a true forecaster puts in time and effort to find a team that has a better chance to beat the odds.

Remember, even the best tipsters are only right about 60-70 percent of the time. This is because even with all the research in the world, matches are still impossible to predict 100% correctly. So even if you find a good guy don’t expect to hit every bet and be prepared to hit some rough patches.

Now that you have understood the risks of following a forecaster let’s get into how to find the perfect one. Our website and google are your friends when it comes to finding proper guys. Browse around and visit the section where we post the latest forecasts. Beware of the sites that ask you to pay a fee for predictions that are “99.9 percent accurate!” These sites are usually scams run by clueless idiots.

Once you have shortlisted a few guys with good track records, just pick the one you feel provides the best logic. There is no one right way to do this, so try out the different prophets and pick the one you feel is the best. You can analyze a few games (using the guide I’ll provide later in the article), and pick the tipster that agrees with your picks. Again there is no right way to do this so do what you feel best.

What are some limitations of tipsters and what can they predict?

From what you have heard from this article, you’re probably thinking “so tipsters can have a pretty accurate prediction of any CS:GO match?” The answer to that is a big fat NO. In fact many people have lost a lot of money betting on the wrong types of games. But don’t worry, I’ll tell you which matches are predictable and which ones are not!

First of all, stay away from all online tournaments. There are too many factors and top teams play like shit sometimes. A perfect example of this is the team Virtus.Pro. They are currently the second best in the world according to a HLTV.org algorithm. However they are known to majorly bomb online games. So I advise you to stay away from online matches.

Another type of games to stay away from are the tournaments with no name teams. There is simply not enough data to predict these matches so stay away from that too. The games that are usually predictable with any kind of success are LAN’s (Local Area Network) aka as off-line with top tier squads. These teams have a lot of data of them, which is pretty reliable on LAN. So bottom-line, wait for the big offline events.

Great… But I want to make my own picks! Any tips on that?

CS GO tips

You have read this article so far, and have heard me say all this great stuff about predicting CS:GO matches, but you still have no idea on how to do it yourself! Well, now I’ll explain how to actually analyze data and make your own picks. The best way to walk you through how to make a pick is to use an example.

Let’s assume NAVI and SK are playing in E-LEAGUE offline LAN. The odds are slightly toward Brazilian guys. Right away, you can see that it meets the requirements to be a predictable match. It’s offline between two top tier teams. Now we must determine who has the edge, and for that, we need stats.

For this, I recommend HLTV.org because of the abundance of accurate info. Now because I am using a fake game we need fake stats. You should look at the team’s recent form first. Let’s assume NAVI is 4-1 in its last 5 maps against decent squads, while SK is 3-2. Right away you can see that NAVI has an edge.

But then you have to take into account that SK has a better map pool then NAVI and a 5-3 Head to Head. You can analyze each teams strengths and weaknesses against the opponents. NAVI plays a very aggressive style of CS while SK has strong tactics. Now that I have dumped a ton of stats on you, who do you think is the better bet?

If you said SK you are correct! SK has many edges over NAVI while Ukranians just have a little bit better form lately. If the odds are only slightly is SK’s favor despite all the advantages, then SK is the smart bet. You should take in account all real games like I just analyzed this example, and you will be on your way to making great picks!

In this article we discussed many things from what a CS:GO betting tipster is, to how to find a good one, and how to know when they are reliable. We also went over how to make your own CS picks.

I hope this article helped you guys, see you next time and good luck!

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