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Hearthstone Weekly: Americas Spring and EU Spring Playoffs

Hey lads, this is Karmakeddon back again bringing you the latest Hearthstone news happening this week. Today, I will be talking about Muzzy’s godlike run in the Americas Spring Playoffs. Last week’s EU Spring Playoffs winner Hoej had a huge effect on what the decks were in the Americas Spring Playoffs. It caused a ripple effect which made the players on the Americas server favor control decks because of the backlash of Hoej’s ultra aggressive packs and the backlash it can do.

We have seen Control Paladins, Control Shamans, Freeze Mages and the resurgence of Taunt Warrior. These slow decks are the bane of aggro ones, and most players picked them up because of how Hoej won the EU Spring Playoffs with the sheer brutality of his aggro decks.

Enter Muzahidul “Muzzy”, the Americas Spring Playoffs Champion. Not only he used the same control heavy lineup, but he went 10-0 and won the whole thing without dropping a single time in the Swiss rounds and the top 8 matchups itself.

Muzzy’s lineup consists of Taunt Warrior, Mid Range Shaman, Control Paladin and Miracle Rogue. These packs are favored against aggro lineups but can also outvalue slower decks as well. The purpose of these cards being picked up against aggressive lineups is to deny them of resources by usually putting a wall up and outvaluing them.

Against a more control heavy lineup, these decks can also outvalue them but it takes much more finesse to do it since your opponents will most likely be running the same cards as you. And that is what Muzahidul exactly did. Making the right decisions and playing around most of the counters for his decks, and smart decision making.

Muzzy started out the playoffs with a close win against chrisw. The series went the distance and ended with the score of 3-2. Round 2 was an easier round for him. He played with YoItsFlo and won in a 3-1 series.

Round 3 of Swiss came, and Muzzy was matched up against Seohyun, which he swept in a convincing fashion without dropping a single game. The round 4 matchup was versus noblord which Muzahidul beat in a 3-1 scoreline. So far, it was smooth sailing for him apart from the first round. He is currently sitting undefeated along with RadamD and DiegoDias.

Round 5, we saw Muzzy play against another undefeated player RadamD. He bested RadamD in a 3-1 series making him and DiegoDias the only 2 players left with no stain on their record.

The Round 6 series saw the two remaining undefeated players, Muzzy and RadamD play against each other. This series was like the one Muzahidul played in the first round. This went the distance with Muzzy barely coming out with the win. But a win is a win and this leaves him as the only undefeated player in the playoffs. Round 7 was another easy round as he rounded his Swiss record to 7-0 by defeating Astrogation in a 3-1 series.

Onwards to the first match of the Quarterfinals. He was matched against Stark. Muzzy went on to sweep the Argentinian 3-0, securing his place in the semi-finals and securing a ticket to the Spring Main Event in Shanghai. At this point, Muzahidul is 8-0 in the tournament.

The Semifinals match saw a rematch versus DiegoDiasy. This game was like Round 6 in retrospect. Same banned classes and same matchups. This game went the distance as well but Muzzy did it in a convincing fashion. The series ended 3-2 and Muzahidul went on ahead to the Grand Finals with a 9-0 tourney record.

The Grand Finals saw Muzzy play against Kuonet. This game was a breeze for Muzahidul as he swept Kuonet 3-0. This makes him 10-0 in his tourney record. This is a well deserved win as he has worked hard to reach here. He was the number 1 seed in the tourney, and before that, the number 1 points earner in the Americas server to be able to get qualified for this tournament.

Muzzy will head over to Shanghai to compete in the Spring HCT Championships. Will we be seeing him lift the trophy? Time will tell. Stay tuned next week as I will be back with news from the APAC Spring Playoffs.

Once again, this is Karmakeddon, and you lads always stay cheeky! Good luck

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