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Hearthstone Weekly: Global Games, Tespa Series, Patch 8.0.4

Hello lads! A lot of exciting things happened in Hearthstone this week. The Tespa Collegiate series has just crowned a new champion! Hearthstone Global Games has seen a lot of surprises, and heartbreaks! Let’s do a recap on how the this week’s events played out.


The Tespa Collegiate Series has crowned Rutgers as the National Champions. They battled through tough opponents in the quarterfinals and the semis. They played against a UC Riverside in the quarterfinals, a team that almost everyone thought would win the whole tournament. They met another strong team in the semifinals – UT San Antonio. This time, Rutgers showed a masterclass with Orpheus leading the charge. The finals told the same story, with Poly Montreal never getting a chance.


The third week of Hearthstone Global Games pitted strong teams against each other. There were a lot of heartbreaks, a lot of surprises, and a lot of bets won. The South East Asia teams are running rampant in this week’s Global Games.

First up, the Philippines stunned Germany in a 3-0 thumping. Germany has yet to record a win in the Global games after losing to Philippines. The Germans are a favorite among Hearthstone viewers. This moves the Philippines up 3rd on Group H, just behind Ukraine and Czech Republic. I really do hope the Philippines advances since they are considered as a dark horse by a lot of HS personalities.

Next up is Indonesia winning versus Bulgaria 3-1 in a Group A match. The Indonesians led by nexok40 breezed through the Bulgarians with their Paladin, Priest and Warrior decks. The only win by the Bulgarians came from MorGalad, who was also running a Warrior deck. Indonesia is currently sitting third in their division, just behind Sweden and Brazil.

The next South East Asian team who won against an EU team is Malaysia. They comfortably won Kazakhstan, 3-1 in a Group F match. The Malays led by ChongGEr won with their Warrior, Druid and Shaman decks. Gilgamesh won the epic Shaman mirror match in a comfortable fashion. Kazakhtan’s only win came from Naiman, who was playing a Rogue deck. The Malaysians currently sit second at division F, just behind Canada.

The last South East Asian team to win this week are the Thais. Thailand bested Peru, 3-2 in a nail biting Group B match. The Thais won with their Warrior, Rogue and Priest decks while the Peruvians won with their Warrior and Hunter packs. ViperPro9 lost his first match against Kishtar’s Pirate Warrior. He then played his Miracle Priest deck versus UchihaSasuke’s Jade Druid to break the deadlock. This sealed the deal for the Thais, moving them up to the second place in Group B, just behind the United States.

Portugal vs Hong Kong was a nail biter as well. Portugal barely beat Hong Kong in a 3-2 showdown. Yulsic and Blitzchung won the first 2 matches with Paladin and Mage, but the Portuguese led by Ginger, showed them that they came to play. They put on a master class and beat Hong Kong in the next 3 games. This moves Portugal to the second place of Group D, just behind the powerhouse Slovakia.

We have Croatia against Czech Republic. Stan Cifka and the Czechs beat the Croatians 3-1. Being down on the first game against a Paladin matchup, the Czechs blasted the Croatians with their Priest, Warrior and Rogue Decks. This brings the Czechs second in Group H with 2 wins along with the division favorite Ukraine.

Turkey won versus Singapore in a Group G match with 3-2. The Turks, led by ThunderUP won with their Shaman, Hunter and Druid packs. The Singaporeans won with their Rogue and Mage decks. With this win, the Turks are currently sitting on top of their division.


Hearthstone has released a minor patch, Patch 8.0.4 on April 22, 2017. This patch fixes several card localization errors. It also addressed authorization issues when purchasing using the iOS app.


All in all, this week in Hearthstone is action packed. We’ve seen some changes in the old guard, proving that this game can be won by all. More matches are coming up for the Global Games this week. And let’s not forget about DreamHack Austin. I will be watching out for who gets to win the whole event on the weekend.

Till next week lads, this is your boy Karmakeddon, always reminding you to always stay cheeky! Good luck!

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