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NBA 2K e-League: Everything You Need to Know About it

Have you ever wanted to be a basketball pro? A coach? Would you like to try out for Los Angeles Lakers? Ever wanted to wear the same uniform Michael Jordan won and bring Chicago Bulls a trophy? Now you can! At the days of famous D-League where young players try to show their talents to get into NBA eventually getting a sponsorship from Gatorade deal and becoming G-league there were talks of E-League as well.

nba 2k17

National Basketball Association commissioner Adam Silver and 2K CEO Strauss Zelnick meet up and talked about the opportunities of an esports league for NBA, during the All-Star weekend there was a big tournament for a reward of 250.000$ for a team of 5 guys played a 16-participant tournament and the finalist played the game at New Orleans with famous people of Basketball World as a plus.

After the winner Still Trill won the reward they became the second ever champions of pro-am tournament 2K brought up, last year with Kobe at the helms and Paul George as the new cover athlete present as well, this year it was a lot more aggressive. Professionals came to play! Well at least they tried, the champions Still Trill and 5 basketball all-stars Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Aaron Gordon, Paul George and C.J. McCollum had a match of pro-am where champions acted as themselves and interestingly enough NBA guys acted as themselves as well. To say the least, the game didn’t go as well as professional players hoped.

Adam Silver mentioned that he supports these kinds of activities which brought up the discussions to a potential league on 2k. Strauss Zelnick and Adam Silver meet up to iron out the details and have an agreement of how to use NBA name to provide an e-league and the terms they came up with that the game will be 2K that is played which would benefit 2K studio but the teams will be owned by real clubs with full control. So during the NBA2K tryouts whoever plays in a crew will be decided by that club for real. We are not sure if that means each squad will have an e-coach or e-gm but we assume it will be much more than competitive for 2k tryouts on the first season and only get harder and harder.

nba2k eleague

First ever e-league for NBA 2K is considered to start in 2018 next year with 8 to 12 teams joining. This way they can start slow and see how it goes. Just like in the real world where there were only 8 squads at the times of Bill Russel and Wilt chamberlain. There will be clubs like Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls but they will be Los Angeles e-Lakers and Chicago e-Bulls. With Adam Silver again at the top of everything to make sure 2K e-League doesn’t go unregulated, so we can clearly see it won’t be for fun.

With this many officials of Basketball Association and Teams having meetings and discussions about this and making sure everything goes smooth that means only one thing for us players. The price for reward may go for a lot more than 250.000$ cup. Not only that crews will try to make Money by this with viewers online and using their names 2k community would bring more viewers. Also, the squad that goes to finals have more chance to get more viewers and merchandises are an important part of it as well.

However, how would the payment of players take a place? For now, pro-am is a one time earning if you win the championship and if you don’ t then you don’t make any Money. Nba 2k e-league salaries will be a thing that clubs pays gamers to actually acquire their talents. With contracts that pay them salary like a regular job, it will be the first ever in any e-game in history. A Professional team paying e-leaguers a regular salary regardless of the end result in an esports of a professional sports organization.

The future is still a little foggy. These are the only things we know about 2K and their agreement with NBA and the rest will be known better with each passing moment. There will be more announcements, there will be more press releases but for now, all we have is the knowledge that anyone around the World can become a professional basketball player with the first ever e-league of official NBA organization.

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Things we know about NBA 2K and their Pro-am League

If we come to what we know about NBA2K so far and what they have done to get the attention of National Basketball Assoсiation and how they are so quick to become an official league of a Professional sports organization we have been seeing it for the last two years. Last year was the first year of pro-am and teams were unadjusted to the idea with only a few crews bringing 5 people rosters to pro-am mode of the game.

Last year with the first ever championship coming close there was Elimination, for both playstation 4 and Xbox one teams compete against each other to qualify for the playoffs, the “Road to the Finals” mode opened up inside the Pro-Am mode and squads played as much games as they can and try to win with the biggest margin they could to achieve this feast. After both consoles had 16 teams to compete in the playoffs it was only time for each crew competing with each other with brackets set by 2K itself.

The Drewkerbockers won the PS tournament leg of the game to become the first ever NBA 2K Pro-am finalists with their amazing defense. On the Xbox one part GFG with their long range shooters won the cup to become the next finalists for the first ever inter-console match for 250.000$ reward and a champions ring like the ones real players get when they won the championship.

The Drewkerbockers was 5 people who have never met and they have never seen each other before the game day, they came from all different parts of USA to play at the championship match presented by Kobe Bryant himself and Paul George the cover athlete. Whereas GFG was friends who lived near each other since they were kids and played together constantly. The battle went back and forth a lot but with their two tall bigs grabbing rebounds and giving their offenses another chance and closing up, the inside Drewkerbockers had the bigger advantage.

nba2k finals team

GFG tried to pull their bigs outside for screens and disturb Drewkerbockers defense but when their shots started to not go in it was only a matter of minutes for Drewkerbockers to pull the lead ahead and win the fight and the championship. With the game ending whistle, they became the first ever champions to 2K pro-am tournament that will be proceeded by a real NBA e-League soon. They got their 250.000$ championship rewards, each got a championship ring and all of that was presented by basketball All-Star and 2K cover athlete Paul George to them.

This year it was a bit different but the idea stayed the same. Inter-console tournaments for pro-am mode but people knew what to expect and they got the game a bit more down and how to play the mode. The teams trained together for a longer period of times and even developed strategies for each of the players like a regular real club playbook. Guys even had the chance to play against each other. The great squads of the league known each other for a longer period of time so they didn’t play against randoms all the time and destroyed them.

They also competed with other strong candidates and calculated their own problems while scouting how the other teams played. Instead of a June tournament at the end of the season this year 2K17 Pro-am tournament was held during All-Star weekend at New Orleans. While all the eyes were on the All-Star matches and activities NBA2K took advantage of the publicity and the real basketball players and got a lot wider audience compared to last year’s games.

nba2k17 best teams

On the Xbox one part Still Trill played a tournament that was easy for them until the final with their amazing point guard XL DiMEZ XL who had a competition record with 50 points and 11 assists during the second round. They were clear favorites for the contest during the finals which tells you how good they are considering there were over 2 million games completed and around 100.000 teams. Being favorites in those odds takes a lot of work and a lot of talent.

On the Playstation 4 part, things were not that easy looking for Throwdown. They had to perform against 4 of the top 20 squads to get to finals, they had the “hardest run” (no pun for Durant intended) and they achieved to win against all of them to win the ps4 part of the tournament. During the finals, they played against Top Notch another amazing team and the battle was so intense and close that with Throwdowns Power Forward Moody shooting the last second shot the game went to Overtime where they managed to snatch the win.

Both Still Trill and Throwdown had a similar type of match, Centers who are focused on grabbing boards and passing out, who cover inside defense and close the lines for any drivers. All other 4 players were outside running off the ball screens from each other to get an open shot. The NBA style is changing from the times of great Bigs in 8os until Shaq most recently became more of a shooters game with the greatest example of Stephen Curry shooting around 11 threes per match and making 5 threes out of them with an amazing percentage.

Compared to Larry Bird who had almost 1 threes per game and considered one of the greatest three point shooters of all time we can clearly see that there is a trend of more threes shot in the NBA with each year. This, of course, provided a base for 2K users and they had the same understanding of running motion and setting screens for open shots.

nba2k17 pro players

With 2 of the top 5 point guards of NBA2K playing against each other there was a battle of playmakers, DevGoss who lead his team to a win over Top Notch with his incredible lights out shooting versus Dimez who had the tournament record with 50 points.

Both started with the initial strategy of basic drive around and pass. Still Trill had one bigger advantage tough, even as DevGoss being a great lights out shooter and a “Sharpshooter” Dimez was a playmaker. He realized soon that he was the faster counterpart of the two and started to drive inside to kick out which disturbed Throwdowns defense. With Still Trills good defense and Throwdowns simple mistakes becoming easy points for Still Trill there was not much of a competition.

Two teams didn’t look so much different or stronger than each other, both played well, both showed why they deserved to be there, the winner was decided by not better talents or better players but mostly by who made more mistakes and who took advantage of those mistakes. Of course, during a game this important with NBA e-League coming soon and guys who have great chances of performing in those matches, there was a little more on the line than any other game and the stress was off the roof. The crew that stayed calm and didn’t panic won the battle as the Still Trill won the second Pro-Am tournament of 2K getting 250 thousand dollars.

Of course, that wasn’t the end of story. They didn’t just took the Money and went home. There had to be more, that’s what 2K taught us over the years, expect the unexpected. The presenter Hannibal Buress took the opportunity during the celebration and called out NBA super stars: Kyrie Irving, C.J. McCollum, Paul George, Kevin Durant and Aaron Gordon to play against the Champions on Proam. The match went as expected as the Champions Still Trill showed why they are the Champions and this was NBA2K and not on a real court with winning the battle with a huge margin of 95-52 and humiliating the professional players on the screen.

nba2k17 modes online

Other Modes you can play Online

NBA 2K is far from one trick pony with their Pro-Am tournament and their deal with National Association to start a new e-league tough. They have more online options than that.

Play Now Online

They have a simple online mode where you can try as your favorite NBA team and compete against other guys who are playing as their favorite clubs.


They have a park, which is one of their most popular modes. Instead of 5 player teams, you have 1vs1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3 and even 4vs4 to show them your Street ball skills and earn respect. You level up from rookie to pro to all the way to legend which will be “immortalized on NBA2k18”


Now comes my favorite part of the game. Myteam is so immense and detailed and many people are 50/50 myteam and park. Myteam provides you a virtual squad that you run and perform with. You get cards of real players, similar things are done in FIFA and madden as well, and there are versions of the cards as well. Cards go from bronze-gold-emerald-sapphire-ruby-amethyst-diamond and pink diamond.

You can have a sapphire Lebron James and also there are Diamond ones as well. There are emerald Russel Westbrooks as well as Diamond ones. You can compete with historic players like Shaq or Wilt Chamberlain and many more. My favorite so far has been Jay Williams, even tough I only have emerald version it plays like a better Russel Westbrook with a three pointer.

In the myteam you can try domination which is 33 crews starting from worst ranked club Los Angeles Lakers to Golden State and Clevland Cavaliers and All-Star guys. After you get 3 stars on all of them you get an amethyst card to play with. If you finish all of the games with at least one star then you get to start a historic domination in which you can battle with teams from historic years.

nba2k blacktop mode

There is also Blacktop which is like mypark but you play with professionals from the current era or historic era at a 3v3 game that you compete against another guy. If you win there is a dashboard of cards you select from and if you get enough point cards according to the level then you get to higher level. With each level you have a chance to pull a better card, on the first level there are 2 gold cards where as 10th level consists diamonds. You can try MyTeam online which has 9 leagues with the card level named from bronze to pink diamond.

There is an auction house where you can buy and sell any card you get. Higher level cards worths a lot but from bronze to gold players usually cost bare minimum 500, from there on emerald it gets to 1000 to 1500 levels, at sapphire, it is usually over 2000 in value with Lebron and Steph Curry being the most commons ones going for 2000 mt.

There are people who gamble on auction house a lot doing something called “sniping”. 2K17 Sniping is what some youtubers are famous for, they do “How to do NBA 2K17 Sniping / Snipe” videos to get popular. Sniping is when you search for Auction house for cheap cards when you snipe for a long enough time you get to know how much each card goes for and search accordingly with right filters on AH that you know if a card is cheap or not. It is mostly volume game because high profitable snipes usually go in seconds.

nba2k17 players


All in all, NBA2K is becoming one of the power houses of esports with each passing year. Whoever starts early gets the bigger piece of the cake. People who already started and built relations over the game with others and have been playing before 2K decided to go on esports route has a bigger advantage but no one is too late.

With this new revelation that they are working with NBA to bring the game to a wider audience, it will only get better. 2018 will be only the first year of drafts and free agents for the e-league, after that teams will get a chance to see more players and scout them better. Starting with a youtube account that you put your highlights would make you more scoutable. Showing your skills would only mean more exposure.

Meanwhile, you can improve on any of the other modes to keep you entertained during this grinding process. You can grind your player to 90+ overalls while trying a domination game in between every day or maybe having a couple of park matches and play now online with your favorite team in between. Having a great pro-am random match and get a blacktop between them. The options are limitless and there are so many modes you can enjoy while still trying to reach the stars.

NBA 2K18 and afterwards will be waiting for players like you to bring competitive esports to national and even global audience. Take up your console instead of your ball and have a chance to be one of the greatest of all time ever played on the virtual court.

Good luck!

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