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CS:GO Betting Predictions for ESL Pro League – Europe Week 6

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It has been a few weeks without any major tournaments, but so far the ESL pro league has been providing us with quality matches. We can look forward to the starladder tournament coming up in early April, but until then, another week of ESL pro league will have to do. In this article, we will be analyzing and predicting the winner of all the European matches. I will forecast the winner of the series, and also point out the smart CS:GO betting predictions. Without further ado, let’s get to the tips for ESL pro season five, week six, European league!

 hellraisers team csgo vs navi team csgo

Our first matchup of the week on Tuesday is Hellraisers vs Navi. This is an easy game to predict. Hellraisers have looked burnt out and outclassed lately, while Navi just destroyed a FaZe team that was on fire. 2-0 for Navi is the prediction and the smart bet here.

 mousesports team csgo vs heroic team csgo

Next, we have Mousesports vs Heroic later on in the day. While this may be a surprising statement, Mousesports has actually looked better since their superstar player NiKo was sold to FaZe. Without the constant threat of NiKo’s wrath, the players have really started to blossom and currently are 8-2 in the league!

They are actually in first place despite having adversary’s such as North, Astralis, FaZe, and Navi! However, Heroic have looked pretty good lately too with their new addition of Jugi. Still, I think Mousesports win this 2-0, and that is the smart value bet here as well.

navi team csgo vs ninjas in pyjamas team csgo

After Tuesday’s action wraps up, Wednesday promises even more exciting matchups. In the early timeslot, Navi take on a hot NiP. While NiP has been lackluster lately, they just beat Fnatic 2-0, and that is an accomplishment that is not be scoffed at. Maybe Pyth was the problem? Anyway, I still think Navi wins this 2-0. However, betting on NiP to win a map is probably the smart value pick as the oddsmakers are most likely going to set lopsided odds towards Navi.

astralis team csgo vs kinguin team csgo

Astralis takes on Kinguin later on Wednesday. This matchup is a classic example of David versus Goliath as the reigning major champions take on a no name polish side. On paper and through the eye test, it should be an easy 2-0 for Astralis. Their firepower and strategy are likely too much for Kinguin to escape. However, betting on Astralis provides crappy odds, so take the Astralis spread as I see them blowing Kinguin out on both maps. Kinguin just cannot compete, and they won’t even get fifteen rounds across both maps as Astralis absolutely slaughters them.

envyus team csgo vs virtus.pro team csgo

Thursday features four games, and they are all great battles! The first one features EnVyUs, better known as nV, taking on the polish super power Virtus Pro. nV recently got dealt the blow of having to qualify for the Valve minor, which is a huge setback in terms of confidence, which they definitely need to take on Virtus Pro, and their plow.

Pashabiceps is a fan favorite along with Snax, and for good reason. They play a sexy and flashy style of Counter Strike that absolutely dominates their opponents. When they are firing on all cylinders, they are unstoppable. V.P is called the Virtus Plow for a reason! They are susceptible on online tournaments and matches, however, which could be a problem. In the end, I see this match going 1-1, with each team picking up a map. Betting on nV to pickup a much needed map is the smart CS:GO betting prediction here.

 hellraisers team csgo vs north team csgo

At the same time this matchup is going on, Hellraisers will be taking on North over on the B stream. Judging from my earlier bashing on Hellraisers as a washed up squad, let’s focus on North. They recently lost support player Rubino to Dignitas, and his replacement is unclear at this point. While Rubino might not have been the sexiest player, he was the glue that held the danish squad together. Without him, they will struggle for a while with their replacement.

Hellraisers will capitalize on this on the back of their only good player, Deadfox. Look for them to shock North and win both maps. This is my huge upset alert pick of the week and comes with high risk. However, you could probably earn ten times your money if you are bold enough to risk it all on Hellraisers taking out a shell shocked North squad who will suddenly look like a wall whose cement was erased.

fnatic team csgo vs faze clan team csgo

In the latter part of Thursday, the action is just as exciting. On the main stream, Fnatic will take on Faze. Fnatic’s fabled homecoming has been less than ideal, and many our thinking that the Swedish players just cannot recapture their once dominant form. I’ll tell you the truth here, though. Fnatic used to win because they were the best aimers, plain and simple.

You might have out positioned them, but Olof or JW would still take off your head. However, Fnatic play a pug style on Counter Strike with little to no strategy. As players started to get better at the game, Fnatic’s play style became obsolete. At this point, disbanding and joining structured teams might not be a bad idea. Faze takes this 2-0 no problem, and that is my value pick as well.

I’ll do a short analysis on Faze, as I am a fanboy. They were always full of aimers like Rain. Adding NiKo would’ve been such a stupid Faze move, had they not realized their mistake. Prior to signing NiKo, they got Karrigan, an in-game leader who might lack in firepower, but more than makes up for it with his leadership. Faze finally realized that a lineup of five aim stars works about as well as a chicken on steroids without its head. They were an aimless monstrosity that was inconsistent. Since Karrigan’s addition, Faze is easily a top five team with a bright future.

 g2 team csgo vs ldlc team csgo

The final battle of the European week is G2 vs LDLC. This should be easy for the french super team G2, and G2 has been performing well lately after a rocky start. G2 lost 2-0 to Hellraisers however, so it goes to show you that there are a few problems with this lineup. LDLC are a borderline tier three European team that can hit their shots.

Either G2 fires on all cylinders and LDLC doesn’t produce double digits on either map, or G2 bombs out and LDLC wins 2-0. The french shuffle and the french pro scene itself is inconsistent and hard to predict. Bet on LDLC for the value here, but I think G2 pick it up 2-0 seventy percent of the time.


Thanks for reading my article on my CS:GO betting predictions for ESL pro league week 6 European division. I hope these picks help you make a lot of money, and that you liked my analysis.

Be sure to check out my North American league article, and I will see you next time! Good luck!

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