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Funny Esports Players Quirks – Strange Things Pro Players Do

When we think of our favorite players, what is the first thing that comes to our minds a lot? I know the majority of you will say, the epic plays that they did in the tournaments they competed in the past. Some of you will talk about the blunders, mistakes or whatever silly plays they made during tournaments, and even on their own streams.

Now, if you are going to ask me, I will say the first thing that comes to my mind is observing their quirks and how they do some of their pre-game rituals, during big major events, or if they are just streaming in the leisure of their own home. So, if you are interested in learning something new from some of your favorite players, read on and find out.


CS:GO Players


Funny Esports Players Quirks – Strange Things Pro Players Do

The first player that is somewhat quirky for me is Simple from the team Natus Vincere. I have observed some of his quirkiness, but none is glaring than the one I am about to reveal. He has this quirk that he rubs his arm with the tattoo of his legendary play.

He has not done it before during his C9 days in his stream, but ever since he got that particular tattoo on his arm, the same one as the graffiti on the Cache map, whenever he makes a nasty no scope play on an AWP or just win a clutch game by head shooting someone, he rubs the part of his arm that has his tattoo. I don’t know if he does it consciously or subconsciously but he does it whenever that opportunity presents itself.


Funny Esports Players Quirks – Strange Things Pro Players Do

The second one I have in mind is Shroud. Back when he played in C9, and even in his daily streams, before he sits down and starts playing, you can always see him fidget something in his arms. Be it him adjusting the monitor, adjusting the height of his seat over and over again, adjusting the armrest, rearranging his mouse and keyboard position on the desk over and over again or just himself fidgeting something in his hands, like the top cap of a water bottle he is drinking from.

I don’t know the reason he is doing this. It could be OCD, or it could just be something simple that he needs to occupy his mind to calm his nerves. The thing is, it works great since he can give us performances of him fragging people left and right, no matter what game he is currently playing now.


Funny Esports Players Quirks – Strange Things Pro Players Do

Another notable CS:GO player with a notable quirk is the Indonesian player BnTeT, who currently plays for TyLoo. He has this funny looking face whenever he tries to clear corners when doing entries. He winces his left eye and opens his mouth subtly and tilts his body towards the opposite of the corner he is clearing.

I do not see him do this thing whenever he tries to do anything outside of doing site entries. This might be a subconscious thing, just like us normal people when we try to peek through a wall in real life. I think whenever he tries to clear the corners, he thinks he is really peeking through a wall.


Dota 2


Funny Esports Players Quirks – Strange Things Pro Players Do

Sure Loda is a cool player in the past. Heck, he is a cooler coach nowadays. What I always seem to notice him whenever he walked to the player booths is the abundance of headphone and headsets that he always has. There would be one headphone slinging around his neck. Then he already has an in-ear headphones attached to his ears.

Aside from those, he walks towards the booth with another headset in his hands. And guess what, there’s always one hanging either on his monitor or behind it! I don’t know what the dude’s obsession is with headphones, be it product placement or whatever, but it’s freaky.

And speaking of product placement, remember the time he was wearing one Siberia over his head, one on his neck during TI 3? I mean what the heck dude?! You using Steel Series stuff while your jerseys have the Razer logo on it. Talk about addiction LOL!


Funny Esports Players Quirks – Strange Things Pro Players Do

Well, we all love to hate Eternal Envy, or EEsama for short. The dude is arrogant as heck all throughout, with his team or even in his streams. The dude is a Grade A troll and a douche bag. But asides from that, the only good thing I can say about EEsama is that he has an excellent taste in music. I mean when I go to his stream, I listen to the music he plays in the background.

He has a recurring viewer just for the music. I mean I keep the window minimized whenever I am in the office or if I am training the youth squad on the pitch, but his constant raging and the kick-ass music that he listens to always brings a chuckle or smile to my face.


Funny Esports Players Quirks – Strange Things Pro Players Do

And speaking of trolls, we have the God of Trolls who descended from the Troll heaven to grace us, mere mortals. This is none other than the Trollemperor himself, Daryl. I mean, he constantly trolls his teammates, his opponents, and his coaches on a daily basis.

Remember when they had an interview at the Summit house a few years back? Daryl was acting as the translator for both the interviewer and Fy. The interview was the most awesome, most nonsense interview ever and it was a trolling masterclass. Oh, and him calling his own chat “putang ina mo” is always funny.

I was watching his stream before and he was playing in the most cancerous server ever, which is SEA. This Filipino dude kept raging at Iceiceice, and what did Daryl tell him? He said “Hey Ben, putang ina mo, gago!” which roughly translates to “You son of a b***h, stupid” and started to cackle with glee. The dude he was cussing out was BenHur, a player of Detonator and also a troll in his own right. Daryl, Iceiceice, I hope you never change and always stay the same. With your sick Offlane plays, and even sicker Trolling game.


Do you remember any other funny or strange things that professional esports players do? Feel free to share in the comment section below.

Good luck!

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