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Esports Betting Bonus Guide – Which One to Choose?

All of us are always looking for a quick buck whenever we bet on esports matches. Most the players have their own trusted gambling sites where they get perks and bonuses for being loyal to that particular service. Others offer different freebies to be able to get new players to try out their platform. Today we will be looking at the most common bonuses that you can avail of if you are an esports gambler and we will be talking about the pros and cons of each that way we will be able to get the most out of our dollar. Here are the most common bonuses that are available right now on most of the sportsbooks accepting video gaming bets.


Deposit Bonus

Almost all of the esports betting sites have some sort of deposit bonus in place. This is to encourage people to try them out while also providing a “bang for the buck”. This is also an attempt to have the players spend their money but giving them an incentive for risking their own funds for betting.

The percentages vary from the amount of cash you are going to deposit there and it also depends on how long you have been playing with the particular bookmaker. For newer players, the percentages range from 10% to 20% but on rare occasions, they might offer a “double your deposit” reward. Usually, the 100% is reserved for the more loyal customers but can also be offered to new people if there are special matches or high profile tournaments at stakes. This is by far one of the best freebies you can get if you are an esports betting lover.


Matched Bonus

This is usually employed when making parlay or this is also an option for doing “double or nothing” bets. This involves making a series of picks that should all be won, otherwise you do not win anything. Parlay is usually seen in major tournaments where there are a lot of players or teams competing and you get to choose who will win or who will advance to the next stages. This is a high risk, high reward type of gambling and should only be done if you have an innate knowledge of the matches that are going to be played.

Matched bonuses are offered by bookies to sweeten the pot by matching your bet with the same amount. If you are successful and you win, you will manage to quadruple your winnings. For example, you place $100.00 on a parlay, the bookies will match that with another $100.00 making your whole bet to $200. If you win, you will win $400.00 thus quadrupling your initial bet.

The cons about this type of freebie though is you have to win every single one of the matches that you selected for your parlay. Bookies will often do matching freebies on parlay because the reward is very good if you win and it will get people to think of using this method of playing instead of the traditional single games. Like I said before, this is also a good freebie but to be able to maximize this, you need to know your way around the tournament to minimize the risk of losing and just taking the safe wins.


No Deposit Bonus

This is the most common offer that can be found at esports online bookies. These are given out to invite or attract new users to join the gambling site and play there for free. Usually, they will give you cash on your account or a couple of tokens to be used for making picks. If you win, the winnings get credited to your account.

The only backside to this is some of these no deposit offers come with the terms and conditions. Some of these terms require you to roll the money over to a certain percentage before it will be eligible for withdrawal. The common percentages to be hit sometimes is 1000%, so you need to turn that particular amount of money 10 times more before you can take it out. Other terms may require you to make a certain amount of deposit before you will be eligible to withdraw that cash. So if you decided to try out this freebie, make sure to check out the terms and conditions and see if they have no hidden rules.



This is a unique freebie being offered and I have seen these at some esports betting sites. Basically, cashback is offered on your picks and if you lose that particular bet, you will get a percentage of your original bet back. The percentages vary from 10% to 15% but could sometimes be higher if you are a loyal customer. This bonus is usually triggered when you wager a certain amount of money as lower bets would not activate the cashback feature.

There is no particular drawback regarding this freebie as it actually helps you out by recuperating some of the money back if you ever lose. This does soften the blow by giving you some of the cash you lost due to making an unlucky pick. This provides some sort of safety for people who are high rollers.


Free Bets

As this implies, this type of offer is provided by the sportsbooks with no risk to you. This is a pretty straight forward and all you need to do is just claim the free bet and place a wager with it. This is usually offered to the more established users of the gambling site and can be offered as a code or a reward if you hit certain milestones.

There is no drawback to this if you are already an active gambler on the platform since you would easily be able to withdraw this out. If you are a newer user, however, there might be some things you might need to do before you can take winnings out. The withdrawal process for newer users is most likely about the same process as the one for the No Deposit Bonus.


Weekly Bets

This type of bonus is very similar to the risk-free reward, with a few differences. You will be eligible for the weekly reload if you hit a certain amount of money gambled within a single week. There are a few bookies that offer this type of bonus. One can offer you 10% of the amount you placed the previous week as a free money credit. For example, you placed $200.00 the previous week, the week after that they will give you $20.00 in bonuses which you could use for other games.

The only drawback here though is that this not a permanent credit on your account. If you fail to use the free amount on that particular week, it will expire and will not roll over to the next week. This is the big difference compared to the free bets since the money you earn from free bets does not expire until you withdraw it or you lose it in a match.


Loyalty Programs

These programs might be different on the each site and each has their own method of achieving rewards from these. Some bookies offer a point for every dollar that you bet, and others will offer points depending on the amount of cash you deposit.

This is an excellent way for gambling sites to keep people depositing and keep them betting and it is also a good way to reward gamblers with the exciting prizes. The rewards from these vary as well. You can use points to either join raffle promos, exchange them for money or sometimes these points can be used for a leaderboard with the highest earners being credited with a huge amount of cash. Other rewards include merchandise that they could ship to you like collector’s items and some even offer trips to watch big event at the stadium.

Thanks for sticking around till the end, I will see you next time and good luck!

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