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MDL Changsha Dota 2 Major Preview and Betting Tips

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Greetings my fellow Dota 2 fans, or should I say Ni Hao. I am excited to announce to you the coming MDL Changsha Major, which will be held in the wonderful city of Changsha. In this article, we will share the full information regarding this event and our betting tips as well.

The tourney will start on May 14 and will run all the way through May 20. It will be a 6-day event with the Grand Final being played on the last day. The venue for this event will be at the Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center. This is one of the major events for this year, which pertains to the Pro Circuit and this directly ties into qualifying for The Internationals.

It will feature 12 of the best teams in the world currently. The prize pool for this entire tournament will be a whopping $1,000,000. Aside from the cool million dollars that Valve is giving away, they will also be distributing 1,500 Pro Circuit points which will go towards qualifying for The Internationals.

dota championships predictions 2018

Who Will Be Participating?

The 12 teams that will be participating will be taken from the 5 regional qualifiers, the top 3 winners from DPL Season 5 and the 4 direct invites. For the EU region, n0tail’s OG will be their representative. The CIS Region boasts Vega Squadron.

The Peruvian crew Infamous will be flying the colors for the South Americans. Resolut1on’s squad, VGJ Storm will be the North American winners for the qualifiers and last but not the least, TNC Pro Team from the Philippines will be representing the South East Asian region.

Joining them will be the three top squads from DPL which is iG Vitality, Invictus Gaming and the recently acquired crew by the French footballing giants Paris Saint-Germain, which is PSG LGD. Joining them will be other Chinese Squads Newbee and Vici Gaming by way of direct invites.

The two remaining forces with direct invites will be Puppey’s Team Secret and our beloved troll, iceiceice with Mineski. Mineski actually was not included in the roster originally, but they replaced Virtus Pro thus gaining entry in the tournament.

dota 2 events tips bets

Tournament Format

Now on to the format of the Changsha Major. The group stage will have two groups with six squads on each. They will play each team once in a Bo2. The crews who will top their respective groups will advance directly to the Upper Bracket second round and will be waiting to play the winners of the Upper Bracket Round 1.

The second and third placer will be battling it out on the Upper Bracket Round 1 while the fourth and fifth placers of each group will be relegated down to the Lower Bracket. The teams that will come last will be eliminated from the tournament.

The playoffs will feature a Double Elimination format with the remaining 10 teams. The losers of the Upper Bracket Round 1 will be relegated directly to Lower Bracket Round 2 while the losers of the Upper Bracket Round 2 will be relegated directly to Lower Bracket Round 3.

The Lower Bracket Round 1 will be a Bo1 match while all other matches will be Bo3. The Grand Final will be a Bo5 and it will be played between the winners of the Upper and Lower Brackets.

dota 2018 best predictions tips bets

MDL Changsha Dota 2 Major Betting Tips

Now the most exciting part of all. We will be talking about predictions. First things first, we have the creme de la creme of the biggest Dota 2 teams here currently playing. Each match will go either way against these top contenders.

It all boils down to who makes the first mistake during drafting or during playing and even then, the game can still be turned around. This is such the nature of Dota 2. This prediction will be purely speculative but let’s get on to it.

MDL Changsha Dota 2 Major Preview and Betting Tips

On to the first team that caught my eye, Mineski. With the way they are currently playing now, and with the recent win they had in the Dota 2 Asian Championships, I think they will be stealing the show in this tournament. Originally, they are not even supposed to be in this tournament.

They are a late replacement for Virtus Pro, but the way they are currently playing, just like in DAC and in Epicenter XL right now, I see that they will go a long way in this tournament. Getting to either the Upper or Lower Bracket finals is not really a far reach for iceiceice and his squad.

MDL Changsha Dota 2 Major Preview and Betting predictions 2018

Second force I am setting my eyes on is PSG LGD. Like I mentioned before, they have been recently been acquired by a very big sponsor in PSG but do not let that fool you. The core of LGD is still the same with fy God leading at the helm. Even though they barely qualified for Changsha, thanks to Newbee and Vici Gaming having a direct invite which ultimately granted them a pass for coming in at fifth place, but they are a solid squad.

They went toe to toe with Mineski during DAC and only lost to the eventual The International 7 winners Team Liquid during the semifinals. I still think that they will have a very good run here in Changsha. I am basing that on their current run in Epicenter XL, where they currently sit 4-1 and just lost 1 game against Liquid again.

MDL Changsha Dota 2 Major Preview and Betting advice 2018

Another squad that I see progressing throughout the later rounds will be Puppey’s Team Secret. They have been playing really well recently and I think with Puppey’s leadership and drafting skills, they will be placing high up in the rounds. They are also a squad with the most TI finalists in their lineup, with Puppey being in the first three The International finals with Natus Vincere. FATA has been playing very good recently as well as Ace. However, I do not see them winning the whole thing unlike Mineski or LGD as they currently lack that finishing edge and star power.

MDL Changsha Dota 2 Major Preview and Betting 2018

The last crew I will be talking about is Vici Gaming. Out of all the other squads out there, they are one of the more consistent lineups. They are also old teammates from the old EHOME and that speaks a lot of volumes especially in major tournaments such as these. You can actually see the way they play together when you watch their matches.

They do a lot of plays that makes scrubs and viewers alike scratch their heads thinking what happened, or how they managed to pull a gank off or how they turned around the team fight. Besides that, Paparazi is just one of the fastest farmers out there right now and Fenrir is currently one of the best drafters right now. I can even say that Fenrir has PPD’s drafting skills if you remember PPD from Evil Geniuses.



With all these forces clashing against each other in China, this will be very exciting for Dota 2 fans. There will be memorable matches for sure and there will likely be memorable memes that come out from this tournament as well.

And seeing that this tourney awards Pro Points, I am very sure that all teams will be giving out their best to get those points towards the nearing The International event. So ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your seats and let’s all enjoy watching history unfold in China. Hopefully, our MDL Changsha Dota 2 Major betting tips will also help you to earn some money.

Good luck!

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