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ESL CS:GO Pro League Season 7 Betting Predictions and Tips

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Greetings to all of you Counter Strike fans! I bring y’all good tidings! I am here to announce the next big tournament that is coming up real fast, real soon. What tournament am I talking about? Of course, it will be the finals of the long awaited ESL Pro League Season 7, which I am going to share betting predictions for.

It will be held in the wonderful city of Dallas, Texas. The event is set to take place in the Verizon Theater in Grand Prarie, Texas and will be happening between May 14th up until May 20th. So do not forget and put that in your calendars as we will be seeing a lot of Counter Strike action, cause you know, everything is bigger in Texas.

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League format preview

The ESL Pro League is part of the Intel sponsored Grand Slam event in collaboration with Dreamhack. The prize pool for this particular leg of the Grand Slam is a whopping $750,000, which a third of the pool goes to the first prize winner. There are 16 qualified teams that will be playing in Dallas, but before I announce the teams, I would like to talk about the format of the tournament.

The Group Stage, which will take place on May 14th all the way up to May 16th, will be in double elimination format groups. All initial group matches will be a Bo1 match while the remaining matches are Bo3. There are only 3 teams that will advance from the group stage to the play offs. The winners of their respective groups will automatically advance to the semi finals and the two remaining places will be high and low seeds in the quarter finals.

The playoffs will start on May 18th up until May 20th, where the Grand Final will happen. It will also feature a show match on the last day featuring the Texas A&M Counter Strike team and the winners from the tournament Java Gaming Cafe hosted. The format for the playoffs is pretty similar to IEM Sydney which are; single elimination matches with the quarter final and semi final matches played in a Bo3 format and the Grand Final played in a Bo5 format.

And without further ado, I announce the 16 qualified teams and the groups that they will be in.

Group A
Sharks Esports
FaZe Clan
Cloud 9
NRG Esports
Hell Raisers
Natus Vincere


Group B
Team Liquid
Grayhound Gaming
Space Soldiers
OpTic Gaming
Ninjas in Pyjamas
SK Gaming

Now, these groups are pretty evenly stacked, with the newcomers and the big names evenly spread apart in each group. There is actually a new team on the horizon, however, and that is Sharks Esports which qualified by way of South America. They are a Brazilian team and they are pretty new on the block, so I am actually anxious to see how well they do on their first game, which is against one of the semifinal teams in IEM Sydney which is mousesports.

Aside from that, we are also seeing two more teams who got their feet wet during the recently concluded IEM Sydney. These are Grayhound Gaming and MVP PK. Out of the two teams, the one that impressed me more is Grayhound Gaming, when they eliminated SK Gaming during the Lower Bracket Round 1 and also put up a good fight against the team that would win the whole IEM Sydney event, FaZe Clan. If they put up the same numbers like how they played against SK in this tournament, I would see them advance in the later stages of the group stages.

I would also love to have the Chinese warlords TyLoo in the tournament as they have blossomed well during IEM Sydney, but for some reason, they were not even qualified in the Chinese qualifiers.

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ESL Pro League Season 7 betting predictions

However, let’s get it on the big predictions that I will be making. Who will make the semi-finals? Who will be the Final Four? Who will be in the Grand Finals? And ultimately, who will win the whole thing? Excited? I am too, so let’s go ahead and make predictions.

ESL CSGO Pro League Season 7 Betting Predictions and Tips

The first of the final four for me would be Renegades. As we have seen in the last tournament, they are pretty well on a hot streak. They did good against the tournament winners, FaZe Clan during the second round of the Winner’s Bracket, where they actually knocked them down to the Lower Brackets.

Aside from that, there is also the epic Quarter Final match where they were pitted against mousesports. Time and time again, they brought mouz over to the overtime during the last two matches, with the second match on Inferno going all the way to 48 rounds, only to lose to Train during the overtime again. If they keep up with their current streak, most likely, we will be seeing them advance to the playoffs again.

ESL CSGO Pro League Season 7 Betting Predictions and advice

Second of the Final four, Ninjas in Pyjamas or NiP. Out of all the other teams out there, Ninjas in Pyjamas is not lacking star power or fragging power in their lineup. We all know how clutch GeT_RiGhT can get in the right conditions, or how f0rest does the same. They are a team currently in an up and down streak, but one good matchup in a tournament and it can send a spark to them and who knows, challenge one of the two teams for a grand final spot.

Aside from that, I’m sure that they would want to even up on the score against FaZe Clan and SK Gaming on the Grand Slam event and win a whopping $1,000,000. Who knows? That might be an enough catalyst for them.

ESL CSGO Pro League Season 7 Betting

Third, Astralis. If I said earlier that Renegades are on a hot streak, well then Astralis is on a whole another level. Why? On the past 3 Majors held recently, they managed to get to the semi-finals 3 times. Managed to get to the Grand Finals twice, and won the Dream Hack Masters in Marseilles. If that is not a hot streak, then I don’t know what is.

Oh, and by the way, this is all in a span of 3 months since they got Magisk on the lineup. And Magisk has been top fragging his way around all these three tournaments, so in my opinion, they did a mighty fine job pulling Magisk from OpTic. And another reason they would want to get a win? Same reason as NiP, tying against FaZe Clan on the race to get 4 wins in Majors in Intel Grand Slam.

ESL CSGO Pro League Season 7 Betting Predictions and Tips

Now on to the last team on the Final Four. It is no other than FaZe Clan. In their past 6 tournaments, they managed to get into the Grand Finals a staggering 5 times. They won ESL One in New York, came second in Oakland, came second in Denmark, again second in Katowice, missed out in Marseilles and won Sydney again. That is more than a hot streak. I call that a blazing streak.

The only hiccup they had, was when olof decided to take a personal break and Xizt replaced him on the team. That was during the Dreamhack Marseilles tournament and they came 5th in that tournament. It seems that they are back to winning ways after Xizt has finally gelled with the team.

They are going to look forward to getting their win in this tournament and get closer to that Intel Grand Slam winner take all cup. With 2 wins currently on their belt, tied with SK Gaming, they are the team most likely to get to 3 wins first since SK is not playing well as of the moment as they are still currently adjusting to the addition of Stewie2k in the lineup.


That is all, for now, my friends. Hope that my ESL Pro League Season 7 betting tips will help you to make some money. I will be on the hunt again for the next major tournament that is coming up on the horizon, and if I get my hands on information regarding it such as the teams and the location, you will all be the first to know. So for now, I bid y’all farewell.

Good luck!

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