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CS:GO ESL European League Betting Predictions – Week 9

The ESL Pro League has been going on for quite a while now, and the action is only getting more exciting and intense. The European division features a lot of firepower and today we will going over my betting predictions and analysis on the week nine matchups in the CS:GO ESL European league. Your time is valuable, so without further ado, let’s get started!

mouse sport team csgo vs hellraisers team csgo

The first match on Tuesday features Mousesports taking on Hellraisers. Both of these teams have been on the rise lately, so this battle is hard to predict. In the end, I would say the most probable result is a 1-1 finish, with the smart money being a bet on Mousesports to win 2-0. Behind their new addition, they have looked really good lately. They will take at least one map, and possibly two. The odds will probably be fifty-fifty, so there is money to be made by betting on Mousesports who I think are slightly better than Hellraisers.

g2 esports team csgovs astralis team csgo

At the same time as the Mousesports vs Hellraisers match, G2 will be taking on Astralis. This is indeed an exciting matchup, with two tier one teams duking it out. Astralis have looked good lately, and are the current defending major champions. G2 have been looking great, however, and recently beat Astralis 16-6 on Nuke in the ECS league. Expect a 1-1, with each team picking up their map choice. The smart move would be to bet on the G2 moneyline on each map, as they are expected to be slight underdogs in a fight where they really have a slight edge over Astralis.

virtus pro team cs go vs faze clan team counter strike

Later on in the day, will take on Faze. Faze have been dominant lately, and are coming off an epic three map victory over Astralis at Starladder. Niko and Kioshima have been brilliant, and the squad seems to have figured things out. have been underwhelming in the meanwhile, to say the least. V.P have been losing to squads that are worse than them on paper on a consistent basis lately. The best tip here would be to bet on the Faze round spread each map as I do not see putting up a fight in an absolute beat down of a series. Expect an easy 2-0 for Faze.

ldlc team cs go vs north team csgo

The last fight of the day pits LDLC against North. LDLC are sadly a couple tiers below North, and this is a classic example of a battle in which the underdog has almost no chance to win. North should take care of business enroute to an easy 2-0 victory. The value bet in this battle is on the under in each map. North will take LDLC out quickly and not allow them to accumulate more than seven rounds on each game.

virtus pro team cs govs g2 esports team csgo

After the full slate of fights on Tuesday, Wednesday’s packed schedule is a sight for sore eyes. Wednesday has the maximum of four matches as did Tuesday. This means eight high quality games to watch in two days! Anyways, the first battle of the day features, who will be taking on G2. Not too long ago, this would have been a marquee fight, and it would have been fun to watch. Now however, it will probably be a slaughter. Virtus.Pro have been struggling lately, losing 16-1 to a lower tier team in Heroic. They look off, and there are signs for concern. G2 meanwhile have been on fire lately, and are finally meeting the hype that was set for them as the french super team. Expect an easy 2-0 for G2, and the easy money will be on that as well.

envyus team cs go vs heroic team csgo

At the same time that this is going on, EnVyUs and Heroic will be duking it out. As I mentioned earlier, Heroic recently routed 2-0, but considering VP’s recent form, there is not much to glean from that. Envy have looked good lately, with Sixer and ScreaM stepping up their game. I think that Envy take this 2-0, and that is where the smart money is as well. Expect ScreaM to drop thirty frags on each map, and Sixer to provide a solid AWP that Envy have lacked since KennyS left for G2.

astralis team csgo vs fnatic team cs go

The second part of the evening features exciting fights as well. Astralis take on Fnatic in a battle of the old kings versus the new ones. Danes have looked good lately, but so have Fnatic. Their disrespectful style of CS that was once feared is back, behind Olof, JW, and Flusha. While Astralis will be favored here, and heavily so. However, I am putting Astralis on upset alert, and think that Fnatic will win 2-0. That is where the profitable bet is as well. No matter who you support, this is one exciting battle that you must watch!

ninja in pyjamas team cs go vs north team csgo

At the same time as this, the B stream will feature NiP taking on North in another great fight. NiP looked shaky near the end of 2016 and the start of 2017, and even failed to qualify for the major with a loss to a tier five Russian team in Vega Squadron. However, since kicking Pyth and bringing in a solid AWP in Draken, they have looked like their once magical selves. Expect North to have their hands full in this one, and for each squad to pick up a map each. The best move here is to wager on the over for both maps because this is going to be a close series.

navi team cs go vs mouse sport team csgo

After the packed slate in the first two days of the week, Thursday will be a day for us to catch our collective breaths. It features two games between good teams, with Navi taking on Mousesports in the earlier part of the day. Navi recently took a map against G2 while Mousesports took a map against Faze. Both teams have been on fire lately, and this battle will depend on which crews stars will go off. Expect both squads to take a game each, and the smart money is on the over for this fight as well.

ninja in pyjamas team cs go vs envyus team cs go

The final game of the week is between NiP and EnVyUs. I have already previewed both of these squads in this article, so I won’t bore you by repeating the same information. I think that NiP will pick up both games against Envy here because of their solid recent performances against top tier squads. The value bet will be on a 2-0 for NiP, and that is my final CS:GO ESL European league betting prediction as well.


Thanks for reading my article and sticking around till the end. I hope that you enjoyed this piece and that the predictions that I made will help you make a ton of profit.

Be sure to lookout for my article on the North American division of ESL Pro League, and I will see you soon! Good luck!

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