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CS:GO Weekly: IEM Sydney and DreamHacks Results

This week was quite chaotic in the world of CS, with many tournaments, and a lot of upsets and other big things happening. Hello, and welcome to CS:GO weekly, a series in which we review the latest developments in the scene. Two major LANs just finished this week, and a huge controversial roster move was made. There is a lot to discuss, so without further delay, let’s get started!


KQLY Returns

Let’s start this piece of strong by discussing the recent Vexed signee KQLY. He was a premier player for the Titan roster in the early days of CS, and was regarded as one of the best players out there. He was a great player for a legendary squad in Titan. Then, days before a major LAN, he was VAC banned in 2014. This caused a huge shock around the community, and lead to Titan disbanding. Many blame him for being a selfish fool who ruined the French scene forever, and most people refuse to give him a second chance.

ESL however, released a policy that allows VAC banned players to return after two years, and KQLY took advantage of that by signing with Vexed, a tier four team that was willing to take a chance to gain some recognition and talent. Two of Vexed’s players left immediately after the signing, showing the terribly negative reputation that KQLY has. No matter what you think of this controversial player, it will be interesting to see how KQLY performs without any cheats, and if he really has any skill.


Roster Moves

Before we recap the two major LAN tournaments, let’s talk about some roster moves and other minor news. Fetish, a veteran player, will be coaching the up and coming Heroic side. The Finnish team Encore joined forces with another organization, Havu. The boys in blue at EnVyUs unveiled an academy team, and it is going to be a huge step in the right direction in terms of promoting young talent.

In related news, CLG too has signed an academy team. Academy teams are becoming more and more popular around the scene as teams and squads realize the importance of having young players that are ready to join the scene in the future. Eleague hosted a major in early January and had a huge million dollar tourney that was broadcasted on national television in America. It has recently announced that it was premiering another season on September first and that more details were to follow. This is great news for us, as it produces more games for us to watch and wager on!


IEM Sydney

The first LAN that took place this week was IEM Sydney, and we wrote a huge piece about it so be sure to check that out if you are curious. The three major favorites coming into the competition were SK, Astralis, and FaZe. There were other teams, but they were not expected to go very far. The top three squads made the semifinals through the eight-team Swiss group stages along with Optic Gaming. SK crushed Optic in two fast maps, so much so that the other semifinal match was able to take place ninety minutes earlier than scheduled.

The other match between Astralis and FaZe was a lot closer, with FaZe edging out a close victory in three maps. The finals were a best of five between SK and FaZe, and FaZe did not show up for the first two maps, dropping them quickly. They made a furious comeback attempt by winning the third map and made the fourth map close, but ultimately SK lifted the trophy. That’s two major LAN tournaments for SK in a row, and they look to be their dominant selves once again.


Dreamhack Tours

The other LAN of the week was Dreamhack Tours, which featured G2, Navi, and many other teams. The tournament got off to an unexpected start, with Tricked beating G2 in the group stages. Navi also bombed out and was unable to make the finals like expected. In the end, Mousesports, rejuvenated after Niko left, made the semifinals to face G2 who were able to recover after their initial loss. Hellraisers faced off against Misfits in the other matchup. G2 and Mousesports had an extremely close series, with each team picking up its map pick. G2 pulled away in the third game, however, to advance to the finals.

Misfits were the surprise squad that was able to advance on the back of their new French additions. Hellraisers made quick work of them in the playoffs, however, easily winning two quick games. The finals pitted G2 against Hellraisers. The first battle in Cache was quickly decided in the favor of G2 as they won early and often. Cobblestone was a lot closer, but ultimately G2 ended up winning that one 16-14, and took home their first trophy since the shuffle!


It was a hectic week in the CS:GO world, but it was a lot of fun indeed! I hope you enjoyed this news series, and that you were entertained and informed at the same time.

Be on the lookout for future articles, and I will see you next time! Good luck!

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