is trade skins com legit?
CS:GO Betting Review – a Bit Expensive CS:GO Trading Site

In this review, we will take a closer look at the popular trading service by the name of which enables its users to trade their CSGO skins with fully automated bots for a small fee. It has a great reputation and there is really no way they can scam you since all trade offers will include their items too.

csgo sell buy skins site

It has a really nice design that is super easy to understand and use. It is very simple but works perfectly fine and makes everything go a lot smoother when signing up for your first time. It has a great introductory page to new users if they have any trouble trading however it should not be an issue as it is very simple and easy to use.

cs go selling buying skins itemsThe site is in English however it is also possible to get a Russian or Turkish version of the service in case that if it is something you would be interested in. This can be done by clicking the American flag in the top right corner of the platform. At the top left you can see the total amount of trades completed and as of right now this number is already above 1.3 million deals. They have a page called “About” in which they declare the purpose of the site, an easy to understand Frequently Asked Questions section and a “How to” guide for anyone in need of such.

When using the service there are certain search filters that can be applied to quickly check if they have the skin of your desire. This includes a price range from 0 to whatever the most expensive item they have is, a StatTrak only and a Stickers Applied only if that is what you are searching for. The Sticker Applied search function is super cool in my opinion if you are looking for specific stickers like the Crown Foil or Katowice 2014 collection.

There is a table showing the rates for each category including Knives, Rare Weapons, Weapons, StatTrakTM and Misc which is just random cheap ones. Each category costs 100% of its original value when withdrawing it however they pay out differently when it is you trading them to the platform. The Rare Weapons and Knives pay better as those are highly sought and easier to sell for cash.

trade skins commissions fees house edge

The fees are quite up there compared to other trading tools and especially lower tier skins are applied with a very high cut of almost 15 % which is usually a bit lower. The exact cut for each tier is 5 % for knives, 7 % for rare weapons, 5 % for weapons, 15 % for StatTraks and 15 % for Misc. This house edge can be lowered by exactly 2% and this is done by adding to your steam nickname.

trade skins com bonuses promocodes free skinsThey do certain giveaways to promote business. Currently, there are no active giveaways but if you want to check if there is one by the time you read the review simply move your cursor to your profile picture and click the giveaway tab.

trade skins com deposits skinsYou do not deposit directly to any inventory but only for some of their weapons in exchange as well. Your inventory can be found on the left of your screen and it is impossible to miss. It will show the entirety of your stuff but there are certain skins that cannot be traded including very cheap things or super rare that are hard to sell. You can always refresh it by clicking the two arrows forming a circle just below “Your Offer”.

cs go skins trading siteThe customer service is basically non-existent as they do not have an actual support function but can be only contacted through Twitter or Steam Group. The good thing is that there should be nothing to be worried about and the only reason as to why something should go wrong is if Steam servers are down or not working correctly.

csgo skins betting trading is decently mobile friendly and easily accessible from a mobile device or smartphone in general. Since there is only one main page with very little to perform, it works fine.

trade skins com pros cons

After all, my conclusion is that is a great trading tool that works as it is supposed to with the only problem being the high fees on certain item categories. I can recommend it to anyone in need of something new but for high values, I would not recommend to use it a lot.

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