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Interview with Staz – Top Tier Hearthstone Player

Today, we have one of the biggest names to ever play Hearthstone gracing us with his presence. He is a regular face in major tournaments globally, yet a lot of people rarely know him. He plays against top tier names in tournaments and gives them a run for their money. I’m talking about Staz, one of the top tier players in the world.


Question: Hey Staz! First things first, I would like to congratulate you on your latest exploit, winning the World Electronic Sports Games. For all our readers who doesn’t know you yet, can you tell us a little something about yourself?

Answer: Thanks! I’m Euneil Javinas aka Staz. I am currently playing for PH Alliance. I have a degree in Electronics Engineering and I used to work in a semiconductor company before playing full-time. Playing computer games is my only hobby. I am a lazy and boring person. I always prefer to just stay and play at home but LAN tournaments are an exception.

Q: Well we, your fans might disagree about you being boring. You are actually one of most exciting players to play Hearthstone. RenoMage mirror match against Orange comes to mind. Speaking of that matchup, how does it feel being known as a World Champion? And how does it feel being given a distinction of being one of the 5 people with the highest Hearthstone earnings ever?

A: Of course, I’m proud of these achievements. But what’s important is you’re having fun whether you get these titles or not.

Q: That is an excellent answer! Speaking of which, how did you prepare for that particular tournament, WESG? Can you also tell us how you are preparing for the Global Games matches?

A: Just like my usual preparation for any tournaments. I study the meta, read the statistical analysis on the internet and try to come up with the best line-up and list. We’re also doing the same thing for the Global Games.

Q: You have been a constant face in all the major tournaments in Hearthstone, how do you cope up playing at a live stage with lots of fans cheering on?

A: At first, I always feel pressured and uneasy when there are a lot of people watching but eventually, I got used to it.

Q: Journey to Un’Goro was just recently released. Can you tell us what are your thoughts on it?

A: They introduced new mechanics like quest and adapt which makes the game fresh and more interesting. I noticed myself playing a lot more since the release of Un’goro compared to the last few expansions.

Q: Do you have any card playing experience? Why did you decide to go professional playing Hearthstone?

A: I used to play Yugioh casually with my classmates when I was in high school. It is not that I decided to play Hearthstone professionally. I was just playing the game as a hobby, got better in it, joining tournaments became a habit then I won some of the major qualifiers and got the chance to represent the country. I’m not even sure what’s the criteria of becoming a professional.

Q: With your performance in high tier tournaments, you must play a lot of Hearthstone. Can you tell us how often you practice playing the game?

A: I’m not really that hard on myself when it comes to preparing for any tournaments. Usually, I play only when I want to. But since this is my only hobby I still play a lot. Probably between 4 to 15 hours per day.

Q: Do you have a favorite player you like to go against during scrimmages?

A: I guess none. I’m fine playing against anyone.

Q: How did you pick the name Staz? Any history behind it?

A: Staz is the protagonist of an anime called Blood Lad. It is the anime I was watching when I started playing Hearthstone and I was too lazy to think of a name.

Staz philippines team hearthstone

Q: We are nearing the end of our interview. Now we are gonna have a go at the Nozdormu Round.

Favorite Class?
Favorite Legendary?
Edwin Van-Cleef
Favorite Expansion?
Journey to Un’goro
Control or Aggro?
RenoMage or Renolock?


Q: Thank you for taking the time for this interview Staz. Any shout outs you might wanna make?

A: Shout outs to my current team PH Alliance for supporting my career. To the whole Hearthstone PH community for supporting this game and your fellow gamers. To my parents for allowing me not do any house chores so I can focus more on playing. And of course to my girlfriend who is also very supportive and understanding.

And there you have it! Catch Staz and the Team Philippines as they enter Round 2 of the first leg of the Hearthstone Global Games!

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