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CS:GO V4 Future Sports Festival Preview and Betting Tips

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The V4 Future Sports Festival is going to begin on 23rd of March with the prize pool of 500,000 EUR. It will be held in the capital of Hungary, Budapest. There are only 8 teams participating in this event, so we are going to see fast and adorable action! In this article, I am going to share my betting tips for this competition and make a prediction regarding the winner as well.

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The tournament format

This event will be played in a simple manner, somewhat similar to the previous CSGO tournaments. The group stage will be divided into 2 sections having 4 teams each, all the group stage battles will be the best of 2 matches and 2 teams from each group will make it to the playoffs. Playoffs will have a single elimination bracket, the semi-finals will be the best of 3 matches and the last two remaining teams would move to play in the best of 5 Grand finals.

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CS:GO V4 Future Sports Festival betting predictions

Dark Tigers CSGO V4 Future Sports Festival Preview and Betting Tips 2018

A new team up here there which has secured a place in this tournament by winning a Czech and Slovak qualification. One day Dark Tigers might show a great performance but looks like it will not be the case right now. For them getting into this premiere should be a big achievement as of now. They aren’t a squad that you would like to bet your money on. Dark Tigers will most likely end up last at this competition.

GameAgents CSGO V4 Future Sports Festival Preview and Betting Tips 2018

A new and young crew, which was formed in the January 2016. GameAgents got a chance to appear at the premiere as the winners of Hungarian qualifiers. The line-up is a quite new one and nothing much from this team has been seen. This will be the first major for them.

Previously GameAgents have only appeared in Minor events and even there they didn’t show any good performance. There is nothing really much to say about them, no achievements and no talents to surprise the crowd. My prediction is that GameAgents may end up at the 7th position here.

x-kom Team CSGO V4 Future Sports Festival Preview and Betting Tips 2018

This is a Polish organization that was formed in 2016. Previously X-kom were known as Venatores, and on the 3rd of March 2018, they have rebranded in collaboration with x-kom. A number of young players can be seen in the line-up. The squad failed to deliver a good performance in the minors and didn’t have any major achievements as well recently.

Their only noteworthy achievement is the second place at the Polska Liga Esportowa S2 beating Kinguin. They aren’t a team you would like to put a bet on. x-kom has possibilities to end up at the 6th position in this competition.

Hellraisers CSGO V4 Future Sports Festival Preview and Betting Tips 2018

Hellraisers is one of the oldest CS:GO teams presented on V4 Future Sports Festival. The squad has quite a good line-up of young talented players but lately, they haven’t been performing well in the previous tournaments where they played. The last premier event Hellraisers had attended was the ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals where they managed to finish at the 5th-6th position. Recently they haven’t been playing quite good too, so most probably they will end up at the 5th place.

eXtatus CSGO V4 Future Sports Festival Preview and Betting Tips 2018

eXtatus has one of the youngest line-ups for their CS:GO division. This crew has been around since 2013 on the scene. eXtatus could enter the premiere as they were the Czech and Slovak Qualifiers. They haven’t appeared in many majors but they have performed quite well in the minors.

They have placed 1 at a number of minors they had participated in. eXtatus finished 3rd-4th at ESEA Season 26: Global Challenge losing to Space soldiers 1:2. They can give a good challenge to even Faze, Mouse, Virtus pro, and Hellraisers, but the lack of experience will not afford to make a deep run in the event. These guys might finish at the 4th place.

Virtus Pro CSGO V4 Future Sports Festival Preview and Betting Tips 2018

The Russian E-sports organization which has some of the best players out there in Europe with the line-up like Snax, Pasha, Byali, and Neo. Currently, Taz is benched and MICHU will be the replacement for Taz. Virtus Pro was seen to be one of the best teams in the world. In 2017 they have shown a good performance beating SK Gaming at DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017 to win the premiere and finishing 2nd at EPICENTER 2017 losing to the same SK Gaming. The squad didn’t have any appearances in 2018 yet, so this will be the first big event of 2018 and my prediction that they are going to finish at the 3rd position after Mousesports.

Mousesports CSGO V4 Future Sports Festival Preview and Betting Tips 2018

Another famous name in the list of CS:GO teams. MouseSports has a strong and good line-up with some of the best players seen. They have been currently performing well at many events. Mousesports beat Navi in the StarLadder & i-League StarSeries Season 4 to emerge as the winner, they were 2nd at the Esports Championship Series Season 4 – Finals losing 1:2, but giving a tough competition to the giants Faze clan. Mousesports has great talents and will most probably end up at the 2nd place facing Faze clan in the grand final.

Faze Clan CSGO V4 Future Sports Festival Preview and Betting Tips 2018

Considered to be one of the best out there in the csgo pro scene, Faze is the only team that currently rivals the Brazillian SK Gaming. Faze has one of the best lineups ever seen consisting of Karrigan, Niko, Olofmeister, GaurdiaN and Rain currently these guys are the real stars of CS:GO. They are in a perfect form and have some pretty good achievements in the past months.

They were the runner-ups of both IEM XII-World Championship and the Eleauge Boston 2018 majors. They were the winners of Esports Championship Series Season 4-Finals beating Mouseports. Faze clan has unbelievable talent and if they continue to play at the top level they have a pretty good chance to finish at the number 1 spot.


We will be witnessing some of the best CS:GO matches when the teams from around the world will clash with each other to emerge as the winner of the event. We all are optimistic about the bigger names participating in the tournament but who knows when an underdog comes in and proves that they are not worse than any star-filled team and win the premiere. Like any previous tournament, V4 Future Sports Festival will have some memorable moments.

Hopefully, our preview and tips will help you to make some profitable bets. Good luck!

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