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HearthStone 2017 HCT Spring Championships Preview and Tips

The HCT Spring Championships will be held in Shanghai, China on July 7, 2017. It will feature all the top players that qualified from their respective regions. The 16 competitors will be battling it out for the coveted prizepool of $250,000 and the winner will automatically get qualified for the Hearthstone World Contest at Blizzcon. It will be played in a Conquest format. Without further ado, let me introduce you to the players that qualified from their respective regions.

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First off, we have the 4 representatives from China. These are Dogggg, Trunks, and the teammates JasonZhou and XHope. They qualified from the China Championship with JasonZhou winning the whole thing. XHope came the second at this event.


The Americas region representatives are the Muzzy, Kuonet and Ant. They are joined by the Brazilian player DiegoDias. Muzzy went undefeated in his run to win the Americas Spring Playoffs. Kuonet went the second in this contest.


The EU squad is full of big names. The winner of that event was Hoej from Denmark. He is accompanied to China by the Ukrainian, Kolento and Neirea. RDU from Romania is joining them as well.

Asia-Pacific (APAC)

The APAC representatives are all considered dark horses in this tournament. They are Mage from New Zealand, who won a tournament for APAC Championships. He is accompanied by Tredsred from Japan, CitizenNappa from Australia and Kranich from South Korea.

hearthstone 2017 htc spring winner

There will be 4 brackets with 4 players each. And only 2 from the each group will advance to the quarterfinals. Division A has Muzzy, Neirea, XHope and CitizenNappa. This section is the real Group of Death, with 3 very big and very consistent names in the list. The first game here is very exciting as well as we will see Muzzy vs Neirea. In my opinion, these two from the first game are gonna be the 2 players that will be advancing to the quarterfinals. With Muzzy’s godly performance right now. For Neirea, this will be his second Seasonal Championship invite as he was in the Winter Event as well. He will be looking for a payback and would really want to win this tournament.

Division B has Hoej, Kranich, Dogggg and Kuonet. On this group, I’m thinking Hoej and Dogggg will be advanced to the quarterfinals. Hoej’s unbelievable performance and deckmaking saw him succeed at the EU competition. Dogggg, who came the third in the China contest will be itching to follow up his performance in the EU VS CN Championships in which he placed well.

Group C has Mage, Trunks, Kolento and DiegoDias. This section has some strong players, with Kolento the god himself. In my prediction though, Kolento will not be advancing to the quarterfinals due to his current performance which is lacking. I’m partial to Mage and Trunks winning the group with DiegoDias fighting for points as well. But this division will be full of surprises so my predictions for this one might go the other way around.

The final bracket has JasonZhou, Ant, Tredsred and RDU. This group has 2 very big names on it. I’m thinking that these two names will top this list and head on to the quarterfinals. These are JasonZhou and RDU.

I’m already picking a winner for the whole thing and it will be Muzzy. With his current hot streak in the qualifiers and the playoffs, I’m very sure that he would want to continue that streak and head on over to the World Championships. A close second would be either Hoej or Neirea from the EU. These guys could beat everyone on this list on any given day, so if luck favors them that day, we might be seeing them hoist the trophy.

Thanks for reading my preview and staying until the finish. I will see you in my next piece. Good luck!

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