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How to Go About Betting Without Risk in the United Kingdom

Conventionally speaking, making a real money bet always comes with a certain amount of risk. You put money on something transpiring and you either win money or lose money depending on the outcome. In a way, betting on sports is mostly a balancing game between risk and reward. Given that we cannot see the future (at least to my knowledge), there is always going to be a certain amount of uncertainly and therefore the risk when you make a bet – or so we thought!

Say hello to matched betting, a mathematically proven online betting strategy that reduces the risk factor to virtually zero. How is that possible? Well, long story short – it utilizes certain free bet offers and incentives that online bookmakers use in order to promote themselves and takes advantage of these offers to assure profits without risk.

Do risk free bets sound too good to be true? Read on to understand a little more about how no risk matched betting works.


No Risk Matched Betting – The Basics

Fundamentally, online bookmakers keep looking for more players to sign up and place bets with them. One effective way for them to amass more users and thus multiply their profits is to offer some sort of incentive to new players for registering with them. In the online betting industry, this incentive usually comes in the form a free bet. As the name suggests, a free bet is where you can make a bet on the house without having to actually put any money of your own.

This is where risk matched betting comes into the picture. Essentially, risk matched betting involves placing two bets in order to initiate the offers. Firstly, one bet is made on the online bookmaker’s website in order to receive the free bet. Secondly, a bet is placed on a betting exchange in order to cover losses, if any.

After the completion of these two bets, the online bookmaker will not credit the free bet to your account. The next step is to iterate the same process again. However, this time you do so with your free bet and voila, now you smile and collect your profits.

There are plenty of sporting events and competitions all year round to keep you busy. In fact, you can now even wager on video gaming events which are commonly referred to as esports.

If you are more into football than video games, then you will be aware of the fact that English Premier League summer 2019 transfer window has just drawn to a dramatic close with a lot of last -minute deadline day shuffle arounds. Who do you predict will clinch the coveted premier league title this time?

The bookmakers seem to fancy Manchester City at odds of -185, Liverpool has a strong team and the bookmakers currently have them at +275. Want some odds that can pay big time? Try Chelsea at +2500, United at +2500 and Arsenal at +4000.


So, how much can you possibly make this way?

The online bookmaker industry is booming. In fact, the giants of the industry such as Betfair, Paddy Power, William Hill and several others have recently offered to raise the voluntary levy from 0.1% to 1% in order to keep a crackdown on online gambling in the UK at bay.

As someone who is new to matched betting, there are going to be offers for you to take advantage of left, right and center. There are literally several hundreds of UK based online bookmakers that all offer free bets for new registrants and you can go from one bookmaker to the next using the matched betting strategy with each casino that you sign up with. In fact, it has been estimated that just working with the sign – up free bet offers you can make as much as £1000 since there are so many UK bookmakers and online casinos available on the world wide web today.

If you want to make things even more profitable for yourself, you can also look into online casino offers and bingo offers which also can be worked more or less in the same way as no risk matched betting in online bookmaker websites.

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