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LoL Weekly: 2017 Mid-Season Invitational Group Stage Results

Well hello there everyone! The group stage for MSI has concluded and there’s a lot to say about it. However, there’s also a lot of roster changes to discuss as well. Let’s not waste any more time and get straight to it.


2017 MSI Results

This was without a doubt the closest and most even international event we’ve seen in a while. Throughout the entire group stage of MSI, 3 to 5 teams were constantly tied to each other in terms of wins and losses. Aside from SKT being dominant as usual, all other guys had their ups and downs. Each crew showed different aspects and strengths of their play which allowed them to win their respective regions. However, the weaknesses of every squad not named SKT were also exposed which only goes to show that the gap between Korea and the world still isn’t closing and it’s going to require even more effort from the other regions to catch up to teams like SKT.

At the end of the day, it was SKT snatching 1st place as expected. Team WE was projected as a middle of the pack roster coming into the event but they surprised everyone by shaping up their play in the final two days and taking 2nd place, even managing to take a game off of SKT. The biggest disappointment was without a doubt Flash Wolves who finished in 4th place after being expected to be at the top, even challenging SKT for the 1st place spot. That wasn’t the case however as Flash Wolves showed a lot of weak points in their team as well as a very lackluster early game.

Nevertheless, the middle of the pack was very close and things could have been much different if one squad had a bad day while another had a good one. G2 managed to somewhat redeem themselves by getting the 3rd place after a win over Team SoloMid. And speaking of TSM although the expectations for them weren’t high and they were expected to finish 5th, they came close to making Top 4. Very unfortunate for them that they fell short in yet another international event, losing North America’s #1 seed at Worlds in the process. GIGABYTE Marines finished in 6th place, however, no one can deny that they were a very fun crew to watch and proved that their region is not a joke and should be taken more seriously. They pushed every team to their limit except SKT and managed to secure a Worlds spot for their region.

With the knockout stage approaching the semifinals have been set. SKT will face the Flash Wolves in a match that has a lot of history behind it. Both teams have never faced each other in a Best of 5 before and it’ll be very interesting to see if Flash Wolves can finally establish themselves as the counter to Korean rosters. The other semifinal match will be Team WE taking on G2 Esports. With WE looking much more impressive heading into the match, expectations are that they will take the win here. However G2 have shown that they are resilient and in a Best of 5 setting, they might have a much better chance of upsetting WE.


Roster Moves

Once again this week we have a lot of roster changes. Prepare yourselves because there will be a lot to mention. Starting off with the departures, Maxlore has left ROCCAT. This comes as quite a surprise after ROCCAT’s very strong second half of the Spring Split. Their miracle run almost got them a playoff spot and while they didn’t make it, a lot of people were excited to see what a ROCCAT crew with no roster changes can do in the Summer Split. But alas we’ll never find out now. Maxlore’s new home will be in Misfits where their former jungler KaKAO has left the team. Certainly, an interesting move which could pay off big time for Misfits. KaKAO had some noticeable champion pool issues and if Maxlore is able to fill the void KaKAO is going to leave, then Misfits might become even stronger in Summer.

Stunt has left Phoenix1 after playing several games for them in the Spring Split. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise after the crew has stated that Shady has more synergy with Arrow in lane. Also Pirean has left P1 as well and has joined Team EnVy along with Nisqy. EnVy has been in need of a solid mid laner after the departure of Ninja and Pirean can definitely fill that void. Over in Brazil, Mega, Focho and Khynm have left Rebirth eSports while SirT has left Pain Gaming and has joined Big Gods Jackals. Flaxxish has left the recently relegated Giants. Not a huge surprise considering their performance in the Promotion Tournament.

Dumbledoge has announced that after MSI he will be leaving Supermassive. Quite a hit for the squad as Dumbledoge has been one of their stronger members for a while now. In the LCL, M19 formerly known as Albus NoX Luna has taken a huge blow after Kira and PvPStejos left the team. This leaves Likkrit and Smurf as the only remaining members of the roster that made history as the first Wildcard crew to make the Quarterfinals of Worlds.

Some less notable departures include Totti and Donut leaving Dash9 Gaming. Cheong leaving BPZ and joining Team Aurora. Meocon, Square, Beyond and Rofens leaving Fortius Gaming. And Viper as well as Noway leaving Ascension Gaming. Big acquisitions include VandeR joining Vitality with Irean and Hachani leaving the squad. Former Origen jungler Cinkrof has joined Turkey’s Dark Passage. And in the biggest trade of the off-season, Xmithie has left CLG and has joined Immortals while Dardoch has left Immortals in order to join CLG. Very big trade for both teams and it will be interesting to see which one pays off.

The other huge addition comes for eUnited. After the crew failed to qualify for the NA LCS Summer Split, they have acquired both GBM and DanDy. Although GBM hasn’t seen much play and is seen as a question mark, the addition of DanDy to the roster is huge. Not to mention a little weird as it is very unusual to see a former world champion playing in the NA Challenger Series. Nevertheless, with these two new singings, eUnited have a much better chance of making it to the NA LCS next year.

Hope it was useful, guys. See you next time.  Good luck!

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